Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime...

Ever since my first year of teaching I've had this ritual...teach Summer School, blow said Summer School cash on traveling the rest of the summer. While my taste have changed (ie. I no longer stay in hostels on the cheap), my passion for traveling has not. I even take the tiny tot and occasionally the husband (he hates traveling...he says he doesn't, but he does) along.

Some highlights

Cubs game
Art Institute
Architecture Walking
Food, food, food!!!
Frontera Grill

Estes Park and Denver, Colorado
Hiking in the mountains
Hanging with friends
Eating, eating, eating
Playing with the kiddo

Washington DC
My sister wants us to visit a Colonial town nearby...should be fun!
More delicious food and eating
Hopefully another visit to Frederick
BBQ party

St. Louis
NKOTBSB concert
U2 concert
Visiting and hanging with friends
Of course, eating...lots of eating...

What are your Summer plans?


  1. Fontera Grill sounds good. We ate at Topolobampo which is right beside of Fontera Grill. If you can get in at a restaurant called Schwa then you should. It's the best food ever but they only seat 24 in the restaurant. AND you have to try Hot Chocolate in Chicago. (We went to Chicago last year as our vacation and it's awesome!)

  2. Schwa looks wonderful and their menu for this season sounds really tasty, however, the tiny tot will be with us...definitely something for later. Hot Chocolate sounds perfect, I'm definitelly telling my friend all about it. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. "Colonial town nearby" - Williamsburg? It's about 2 hours away. They may have something else closer, but it won't be the same. (I love Williamsburg - we went so often as kids we could serve as guides.)

    If you go to DC - you can spend a week just visiting the various Smithsonians.

  4. I am honeymooning this summer!! Flying to Vegas (from London) on the 1st August, then on to Houston and then a road trip to Nashville. I'm so excited, I've never been to the States before.

  5. Hey, I actually grew up in Frederick! Small world!

  6. Ricochet, I'm not sure if it's "Williamsburg"'s mostly for little kids and has a petting farm and other amusements as well. And, I agree about the Smithosonians...they've lived there long enough that we've done the Smithsonians pretty thoroughly and are looking for fun outside of DC.
    TinyLibrary, I love, love, love Vegas. We got married there, but I love ostentatious kitch! Cirque de Soliel's "O" is amazing! Texas, of course, is a good time and...I've never been to Nashville, but have Memphis. You've got an interesting (and hot...literally)trip ahead of you! Good times!
    Meg, that's AWESOME! I love Frederick, especially the downtown and restaurants! My sister loves the Wal-Mart...she misses the Mid-West!

  7. so how many times will we see you? Staying here on your way in or out?



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