The Design


So, if you've had 1 trillion snow days, like I have and, real work to do, like I do, you focus on making your blog prettier. This is a little shout out to the websites I used to make my blog more, well, me!

Makin' Cute Blogs...this lovely lady has the best tutorials for making your blog design interesting, while still being easy to use! Thanks!

Makin Cute Blogs |  Freebies, Tutorials, Resources, & Design Elements!

I got the owl from Fuzzypillars, it was a freebie. It is toooooo cute!

I coordinated it all at home using only MS Paint and Picnik. Picnik is my new best cyber friend...sadly, my new best cyber friend is leaving as of April 2012, so I've found a new friend (I know...right!?)...try FotoFlexer or Photobucket which now has Pixlr!

The buttons are free from The Pixelista and then I also followed her steps to get them on my page. These were added on 5.6.12.

And, last, but not least, my new favorite time-waster, the best thing to do when you have more things to do than you know what to do with, ColourLovers. This site not only lets you design color palettes, patterns and colors, it also has some of the most friendly encouraging people around!

Since it is Friday, I really must be getting to work. I can't wait until I have more days off...



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