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Infinite Jest...Infinite Summer
Infinite Summer #1: What the *BLEEP* have I gotten myself into?
Infinite Summer #2: Obsession and Love and the wheelchair assassins
Infinite Summer #3: The McDonald's of the Soul and the Truth About Water
Infinite Summer #4: DFW w/r/t style..."The library, and step on it"
Infinite Summer #5: BREAK
Infinite Summer #6: I'm Not Enjoying/I Am Enjoying/I Want to  Enjoy this book
Infinite Summer #7: Metropolis, The Dark Knight Rises and Infinite Jest
Infinite Summer #8: Was DFW a Genius?
Infinite Summer #9: Endnotes
Infinite Summer #10: Topics of Discussion
Infinite Summer #11: If I Were Going to Teach this Novel
Infinite Summer #12: Should This Book Be Considered Science Fiction 
Infinite Summer #13: Gabe Habash's Take on the Top 10 Characters
Infinite Summer #14: So, You've Finished Infinite Jest...Oh, Wait, You Haven't!?

Preparing for Infinite Jest (these are not part of the Sunday posts)
How to Read Infinite Jest
"To Be or Not to Be" or "Brush Up Your Shakespeare"
Reader's Companions and Guides

Infinite Summer
On Teaching Infinite Jest

The Index
Words, Words, Words: The Infinite Jest LiveBlog
Links to all the post in order by page number (yes, it's that fantabulous!)

Other Links of Interest
About David Foster Wallace
David Foster Wallace Books
"A Supposedly Funny Thing I'll Never Do Again"
This is Water Part I and Part II
Endnotes and read about it here

About the Novel
How to Read Infinite Jest
Infinite Jest: A Scene-by-Scene Guide
Mr. K's Infinite Jest Blog
David Foster Wallace Wiki: Infinite Jest
3 Ways to Visualize the David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest (yes, there are diagrams)
Organisation of North American Nations (setting)
On ONAN-ite Politics
Cause I've Got the Real Love, the Kind that You Need
PS. Allston Rules
David Foster Wallace

Description at GoodReads
Enjoying "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare (all about Hamlet, a must read really.)
Infinite Jest and Hamlet: Similarities
IS Forum: Hamlet Connections! First Timer Here!
Read it at Project Gutenberg
The Ten Best Hamlets (from "The Guardian" August 2010)
Wikipedia on Hamlet and Yorick

For the Fun of It
Poor Yorick Entertainment
The King is Dead...The Decemberists ("Calamity Song")
I'm Not Enjoying this Book

Words I learned from reading David Foster Wallace
IJ Annotations by letter and by page number

In the News and In Relation to the novel
Emotions High After Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Law

Pop Culture
How Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis' Inspired Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises'
The Dark Knight Rises, A Tale of Two Cities and Fritz Lang


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