Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Five: Summer Blockbusters

I love doing surveys and questionnaires. I love reading peoples answers to surveys and questionnaires. They are a weakness of mine, and in looking for topics for my blog to make it easier for me to post everyday once school started...I found this. So, Fridays we're taking a break from talking about reading and books and words to answer silly surveys and questionnaires. Feel free to post your answers below, on your own blog, or both!!! Ideas from

Summer Blockbusters
  1. What transformation do you undergo on summer Fridays at midnight?
  2. What super power do the kids in your neighborhood seem to have?
  3. Who (or what!) is your nemesis in these warm summer days?
  4. What is your trustiest weapon against the evil heat monster?
  5. What seems to be invading your life lately, and how will you fend it off?
  1. I turn into a sleeping hybernating Momma Bear.
  2. The incessant need to stay up late and make noice into the night with their cars. Thank goodness most of them have Summer jobs.
  3. Time...he's my arch nemesis.
  4. A book and air conditioning. If I'm feeling fairly adventureous...the creek.
  5. Always work...bills...the daily grind, I'll fend it off with a good nap and some TV watching with the kidlet.

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