Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sad Day...Good-bye book, Good-bye *tear*

          Today, I have to give away a book. It is a book that I bought new, it is a book that I haven't even read, it is a book that I want to buy for myself (but can't afford two hardcover copies), but instead bought for a friend.
          It is killing me...I opened it up a little to read some pages here and there. Just a few pages and only a little, so the spine wouldn't bend and the gorgeous flap wouldn't get frayed. It wants me to read it, it needs me to read it.
          I usually don't buy books with the intent of giving them away...frankly for this reason...I miss the book when it goes, like a little piece of me is gone.
          And, I will definitely miss this one. Let me tell you a little bit about the book. It's called The Wilder Life: My Adventuress in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie. Here's what the flap says: For anyone who has ever wanted to step into the world of a favorite book, here is a pioneer pilgrimage, a tribute to Laura Ingalls Wilder, and a hilarious account of butter-churning obsession. Yes, it's about LIW. Here's more..."The Wilder Life is a loving irreverent, spirited tribute to a series of books that have inspired generations of American women. It is also an incredibly funny first-person account of obsessive reading, and a story about what happens when we reconnect with our childhood touchstones--and find that our old love has only deepened." In essence it's about my hometown, LIW and nostalgia, if you don't know how I feel about these topics checkout my feelings here. It sounds like it's going to be about everything that is the foundation of me (powerfully strong women and the Midwestern small town), only from an outsiders perspective and therefore probably a little more truthful. I want it. I need it.
          Instead, I'm giving it to one of my best friends who is also obsessed with all things Wilder...she could have easily written this book, she will love this book and give it a good home, and while I'll want to visit it and perhaps take it home for the weekend, I'll wait until I can afford one of my own.
          Sad day...sad, sad, bittersweet day...

*Grabs tissue* Anybody else have this problem?


  1. You're such a nerd. I love you. I love that you love LIW. I love that you once gave me a tour of the museum. :)

  2. *Big Grin* Would you like to come with us when we do it again this summer? Me, Kate, the tiny tot...perhaps Chris, if we can persuade him. Let's be nerds together! I love you too!!!

  3. Ooooh! This has been on my list since it came out! And I just got a coupon for my favorite local bookstore! Put "Room" by Emma Donoghue on your list, it was incredible!

  4. ok, Emily, so i was reading more about ROOM and have decided it must be like The Collector by John Knowles and just real enough that I must read it! I'm putting it on the list!

  5. You're a mom, right? I think it might be really hard to read as a parent, but I still recommend it!

  6. yeah, she's a spitfire 20 month old and now you have me really curious, i may have to download it on the nook this weekend...does anybody die? i don't really like it when emotionally moving books/movies have characters i like die, i need something/someone to hold on to and hope for. have you read The Collector? i read it because many serial killers have claimed that it gave them inspiration, so i was curious. it was emotionally disturbing and , years later, i can't get it out of my . and, if we're going to those kinds of books In the Cut also made me uncomfortable, even if i did like the writing style. :D

  7. I hope you own this book by now, Stephanie!! I know exactly how you feel, too. It's hard giving books as gifts that you want for yourself! But what a great friend you are. I'm sure it was worth it to watch your friend open this wonderful gift!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines



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