Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day Twenty-Two

Day Twenty-Two: A song that you listen to when  you're sad
          Genuinely, when I'm sad (which is rare) I don't like to dwell in it too much...I can think of better ways to get over being sad besides listening to music walled up in the dark. In college, my friends could always tell I was in a melancholy mood by the music I listened to and whether I was listening to it alone in my room or while doing something else. It seemed that everytime I was sad, I'd listen to The Cranberries rather loudly and alone in my room...door opened, I guess to subtly annoy others...that can't have been uplifting in any way at all. Even now  when I'm sad you'll find that I go back to Dolores O'Riordan and the guys, one CD especially, No Need to Argue, and one song especially the title song, "No Need To Argue"...seriously, though, I only listen to that song if I want to wallow.

No Need To Argue

1."Ode to My Family" 4:30
2."I Can't Be With You" 3:07
3."Twenty One" 3:07
4."Zombie" 5:06
5."Empty" 3:26
6."Everything I Said" 3:52
7."The Icicle Melts" 2:54
8."Disappointment" 4:14
9."Ridiculous Thoughts" 4:31
10."Dreaming My Dreams" 3:37
11."Yeat's Grave" 2:59
12."Daffodil Lament" 6:14
13."No Need to Argue" 2:54
Total length:

Feel free to join in by commenting below (I really do love comments, on fb or here), or doing this challenge on your own blog.

The 30 Day Song Challenge
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Day 06 -- A song that reminds you of somewhere
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Day 08 -- A song that you know all the words to
Day 09 -- A song that you can dance to
Day 15 --A song that describes you
Day 16 --A song that you used to love but now hate
Day 17 --A song that you hear often on the radio
Day 18 --A song that you wish you heard on the radio
Day 19 --A song from your favorite album
Day 20 --A song that you listen to when you're angry
Day 21 -- A song that you listen to when you're happy

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