Monday, June 6, 2011

50 Books in a Year: Book #25 The Devil in the White City

          I am sad that the advent in technology brought about the demise of the World's Fair. I love the World's Fair, I mean can you imagine living in the country and once every few years or so paying money to see new and exciting inventions. I think getting to eat a hot dog, or an ice cream cone, try cracker jacks or ride a ferris wheel for the very first time in history would have been soooo cool.
          I love Chicago. It is my favorite city in all of the United States. I love the museums, the diners, the baseball, the bars, the restaurants and their food. I love the smell of Chicago, which is a little bit my grandmother's cooking and truck deisel and all Midwestern. I love the parks and the architecture and the history of a city as corrupt (Al Capone and, that one know the guy with the weird name who...oh, you know!) as it is beautiful.
          I also have a darker side...
          This dark person that lives in me has always been fascinated with the methodology of serial killers. Did you know that serial killing is stereotypically an American trait (something to do with wide open spaces doctors think), stereotypically male and the serial killer at the Chicago World's Fair was one of the first of his type?
          Imagine how I felt several years ago when the book The Devil in the White City came's fair, serial killer all in one well researched and detailed package set in my favorite city in the United States of America...and, yet I didn't buy it, as I have a hard time buying hardcovers. I also didn't buy it when my high school lit group wanted to read it...and, I put off buying it for a long time, actually. I did so because I am silly and foolish and was trying to deny myself some sort of basic pleasure...frankly, I don't know why I did it.


  1. I sometimes put off buying and then actually reading books that I think will be very good. Maybe we're scared they won't be as good as we think they will be?

  2. i know that's my problem, i hate being let down. that, and i'm distracted by other shiny things pretty easily!



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