Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Word of the Week: Fulminate and Weekly 100 Words

Here are my 100 words from (S)mythology by Jeremy Tarr p55:

          "What did strike Sophie as peculiar, however, was that Hell didn't look like she imagined it might. It wasn't a dark fire pit of toil and plague, rather it was a series of corridors and cubicles. Hell, you see, was a bureaucracy. Men and women dressed in cheap grey suits running around, from desk to desk, cubby to cubby, office to office, asking for official signatures. As the Minotaur explained, 'There are four quarters of Hell. The first quarter of Hell consists of paperwork. Before you can advance on to the second quarter, you must have the proper paperwork filed...'"
This meme is hosted by Ruthi at Ruthi Reads!  The object is simple:  share exactly 100 words from the book you are currently reading, and no spoilers!  Be sure to include your book's title, author, and page number in your post.  Head over to Ruthi's site and add your link to your book!  Happy Reading!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, good grief, that would be hell ... kind of a replay of a lot of earth happenings!

    Great WoW 100 share!

    Fulminate ... great word and I've added it to my ToBeUsed list, thank you!



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