Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduation Questionnaire

So, today is the last day for teachers and tonight is graduation. We 'get' to go to graduation this evening...we 'get' to go every year which got me to thinking about my graduation from high school. I found this questionnaire and narrowed it down to the essential questions (because I 'get' to watch seniors graduate tonight I'm answering it from the perspective of my senior year of high school not college, although college would be way more fun!)...and thought I'd answer them below, if you would like to answer the whole questionnaire click here:

Graduation Meme
Here is a survey for the seniors to take. Feel free to answer the questions here in the comments or on your own blog.

1. Where you lived freshman year?
Mansfield, Missouri on Jennifer street

2. Did you attend concerts/comedians/sports?
Loads of Christian rock concerts and the occassional trip to St. Louis or Columbia to see the Cardinals and the Tigers play

3. Best Senior Prom moment?
Being crowned prom queen and then realizing that my friend Torrie (a junior) and I had on the same dress...different cut, but same navy blue material and we laughed and laughed and laughed...

4. Worst class?
I didn't have a class I didn't like, especially my Senior year when the morning was taken up with open hours and the afternoon was taken up with yearbook and newspaper...if I had to pick one it would be Calculus...I hate math!

5. First heartbreak?
Senior year...almost didn't have a date for prom...not a bad memory, just a sad, real one...and, that is all I'm going to say about that!

6. most embarrassing moment?
Ok, so I am never on time for anything and we were bussed to our prom (about an hour away, we're a small school and for prom we go BIG!) and I still needed shoes, my mom was pulling into the parking lot when the bus began to pull out and my dress caught on something and ripped up the back to the zipper. I yelled at my friend to stop the bus as my mother and I grabbed the back of my dress...hopped back in the car and drove home, where my mother (who always has safety pins handy) safety pinned my dress, raced back to the bus and had a great prom!

7. Play any sports? was a stat girl and a manager and such for sports (which gets you a sports letter, by the way)

8. Your 18th birthday?
was fantastic and held in conjunction with my friend who turned 18 three days after me!

9. Sunday nights?
were spent doing homework or hanging with friends, going to church

10. What do you miss the most about your days at high school?
the amount of freedom that I didn't know I had!


  1. That dress story is hilarious. Epic save by your mom.

  2. It's your last day today?! :O

    Our last day in the UK is 21st July. I have a week off next week for half-term then it's a seven week stretch til the summer hols :(

  3. FBT, thanks! frankly, by the end of the night it was pretty hilarious enought to tell those people who didn't already know!

    Tiny Library, i know be very jealous!!! actually if it wasn't for all those snowstorms we would have been out last week! do you all have trimesters? or something like that?



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