Sunday, May 15, 2011

The New Mom’s Prayer Bible

If you are like me, you are not the kind of person who buys Bible after Bible. The Bible I use (I say use, now that I’ve got both the NIV and KJV on my Nook, I may be using that a bit more) is the same one I bought in college. Its gold flake is all but gone and it is full of notes and old church bulletins and sidebar scribbles. The notes are notes from my whole life, as I transcribed notes from my previous two Bibles into it, and if I bought a new Bible I would take the time to transfer the notes et cetera to it. I do not take Bibles or Bible purchasing lightly.
On NetGalley, you can preview The New Mom’s Prayer Bible. I wanted to have a look at it, not because I needed to review The Bible (this Bible is a NIV version by the way), but because I wanted to see what lovely features this edition had and I wanted to see if I wanted to buy my own copy as a way of being able to fit a little more God Time into my everyday life; an everyday life that has gotten a little more hectic than I would have ever thought.
This is the perfect Bible for a new mother, or a harried working mother in her 2nd year of parenting. It addresses the changes in her life through thoughtful devotionals called “Thought Starters”.
Here’s what the Introduction says:
“Throughout this Bible you’ll find fifty-two Thought Starters (on colored pages) by letting you recharge by dipping into God’s word for a minute. These devotional thoughts cover 13 different topics and subtopics relative to new moms.”
These “Thought Starters” discuss such pertinent topics as marriage, family and walking in faith. They can be broken down by how much time you have. Each topic starts out as a minute scripture reading, if you have 5 minutes you can add on a reflective prayer time, if you have 10 minutes you can add on a more in-depth study of the focus scripture. I’ve only read a few and they have helped calm me down in the past week and helped me to see what I should really be focusing on, which is my family, not my job and its expectations.
This Bible also comes with a Weights and Measurements page, a lovely Table of Contents and easily accessible and readable maps.
If I would have known about this Bible during my pregnancy it would have definitely been on all my wish list. I know that I will be asking for it for my birthday which is coming up pretty quick (just incase any of my family is reading this!).


  1. How wonderful! I have been considering purchasing a new bible myself. Though I have been a bit apprehensive in doing so, it will mean I need to transfer over all the notes and hi-lights I have in my current one, but that one's getting old and it probably needs to be retired. :)

  2. I am glad to see I am not the only one who feels the need to do that! And, I still keep the old Bible (I just don't use it). If I don't get this as a present, I'm definitely buying myself one, as it really is cool. :)



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