Monday, May 9, 2011

50 Books in a Year: Book #21 Dead Is Not an Option (Dead Is Series #5)

          Ok, it's the last month of school...and, if you can't tell from my erratic post timing...things are FRANTIC! I've been reading and not finishing tons of books, and in order to stay on track with my 50 books reading, I must add another this week. There are only two things that are saving me a] school will end and I'll catch up with my reading before and during Summer School and b] this book over yonder...the latest book in the "Dead Is..." series Dead Is Not An Option by Marlene Perez.
          This is my first foray into the series and, as with series that I enjoy you don't have to read the other books to get what's going on, but I definitely am going to after this one. I've been wanting to read the series for a long time and own two others already, so when I saw that I could get this one as a review at Netgalley, I jumped at the chance.
           If you are looking for a book that's adult and in-depth than this series is not for you, however, this book beats the Twilight series any day. It's the kind of book that I wish was around when I was in junior high and high school. The kind of book I don't mind recommending to anyone. And, the main reason is the main character, Daisy Giordano. Daisy is this lovely teenage (not weepy, whiny) girl who, when she's not working at the diner with an invisible boss in the town of Nightshade (a town full of ghosts and werewolves and vampires and psychics etc.) or hanging with her werewolf boyfriend, uses her psychic mind reading abilities and intution to fight crime--like a kick butt modernized Nancy Drew. And, in this book there's a war raging between the vamps and the weres, but the reasons are not what you think and go deeper than you'd imagine.
           I like that this book has all the fun things that a YA novel should have, you know easy plot line, a bit of predictable romance, worries over things like graduation and dances, and more, like clever and true teenager dialogue and supernatural occurrences like a soul cast in a jukebox and paranormals up the ying-yang.
          A fun time and just the type of reading I need to get through this week.

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