Friday, May 20, 2011

Cliffhanger...can't hold on much longer...

As I'm sure many of you remember this fact: I hate suspense...I hate waiting! This week has been KILLING ME!!! All four of my favorite shows (all on CBS, go figure!) have ended KA-RAZYLY!!! I don't know what I am going to waiting all summer will really crimp my style, I'll just have to obsess over the re-runs!


The Mentalist Those of you who have been following this show know that Patrick Jane has been stalking/obsessing over this man Red John who murdered his wife and daughter. Last night at the end of the show he shoots Red John and waits patiently for the police to come and take him away. He's sipping tea and all I can think is, "Did that just really happen!? Or, is this just another of Red John's games?" Unfortunately, I won't know for awhile!!! (Oh, and I also hear this show may be ending...GAR!)

Hawaii 5-0 The opening episode (the best show opener in the history of television) concluded with the 5-0 being commissioned by the governor of Hawaii. The final episode has the governor killed by Wo Fat, McGarrett framed for it, Danny's ex-wife pregnant with his baby, Cho back on the force and Kono arrested for taking part in a heist. I'm not sure how they're going to get out of all these jams. I'm going to spend all summer trying to figure out how they're going to do that!

Last season's NCIS: LA season closer really ticked me off and then they spent a large portion of this season ticking me off on a regular basis...I hate it when a show kills off a main character, I hate it when a show moves an endearing character off of the show and into the horizons of Never Neverland...the only redemption is that Deeks is funny and Gs' life is wrapped up in mystery. The final episode of this season has G remember his past life in Prague, but the team including Heddy,  excluded Eric and the new girl, quitting NCIS, obtaining black market guns, flying to Prague and kicking some butt. Heddy and G are also family members of some sort of old school mafia-type feud and G is the last of his kind, whhhhhattttt??? 

Now, the original NCIS manages to kill off characters every season, so I was not shocked when they killed off Mike Franks...I didn't even shed a tear or get angry. I was waiting for someone to die...So, how were they going to make sure that tried and true NCIS fans like myself feel all twitchy all summer long??? Put Tony back into an undercover op, of course. The last time he was undercover he fell in love and we spent the whole season watching a doomed relationship. I'm not really sure what to expect this time, however, as they've left the "TOP SECRET" folder's information out of our view...leaving us to speculate (based only on Tony's facial expression) who this next person might be...I'm thinking Gibs or Ziva or McGee or...blar! I don't know and I'll spend the rest of the summer spinning my wheels.

Curse you CBS, CURSE YOU!!!


  1. This is why I only watch shows when the box sets come out! :P

  2. you are a much smarter person than i, although i am behind on 'mad men' on purpose, so my shows don't end before it comes back in 2012!!! :D



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