Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day Twenty

Day Twenty: A song that you listen to when  you're angry
          For the record, it is hard to write about angry songs when you are not angry! I remember one time being angry and just listening to "The Heart of Life" by John Mayer. I just kept cruising around the country back roads over hill and valley, taking the curves at a speed that curves should not be taken, just singing along with Mr. Mayer letting the words just become part of how I was feeling until the words became what I was feeling and my fingers had stopped shaking. Frankly, I'd never been that kind of angry before as I usually don't let myself get duped (my motto: "I like people and I like them to like me, but I wear my heart where God put it, on the inside. " by F. Scott Fitzgerald) and haven't since, as being sad and angry at yourself and someone else is such a strange feeling. Although, that moment wasn't all bad as I did get two AMAZING CD compilations out of it, one from which the John Mayer song came (it's nice when people know how to make you feel better). Most days I'm angry, however, John Mayer doesn't cut it and when I'm so angry that I'm cleaning house (doing dishes by hand, and scrubbing the floors, anger tears running into my nose and through my clinched lips) and, I've got the iTunes blaring I go to a whole basket of songs.

Here's my Go-To List when I'm feeling especially ANGRY! I usually end with the more upbeat life-affirming heart couldn't handle those kinds of songs at the beginning of it the beginning is usually for the screaming and the raging!

1. I Hate You  Silver Chair
2. Not Sorry  The Cranberries
3. Limp  Fiona Apple
4. Elderly Woman Behind A Counter In A Small Town  Pearl Jam
5. Mary Jane Shoes  Fergie
6. Stronger  Kanye West
7. Dog Days Are Over  Florence + the Machine
8. I Hate Everything About You  Three Days Grace
9. 10, 000 Fists  Disturbed
10. Anthem  Blink-182
11. Save Yourself  Stabbing Westward
12. Song 2  Blur
13. Since You've Been Gone  Kelli Clarkson
14. Bullet With Butterfly Wings  Smashing Pumpkins
15. The Heart of Life  John Mayer
16. I Want to Be Sedated The Ramones
17. You Oughta Know Alanis Morissette
18. More Human Than Human Rob Zombie
19. Ooh La La Goldfrapp

And, my favorite angry song, Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails. I mean when I'm feeling especially angry, I mean so angry I could strangle puppies, the playlist starts off with this song. Sometimes the list ends with this song. Heck! Sometimes the list is just this song over and over and FRIGGIN' over! "Head like a hole. Black like your soul. I'd rather die than give you control." Hmm...looking at the list above, I feel like I must have spent a portion of the 90s angry about something...*lalalala*

I gotta tell you though, I usually rather just yell than stew when I'm feeling a good rage spell...if I've gotten to the point where I have to drive to calm the rage, if I've gotten to the point where I'm cleaning and having a good cry while listening to music, man, oh man, you'd better watch out the storm is coming.

Feel free to join in by commenting below (I really do love comments, on fb or here), or doing this challenge on your own blog.

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