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Philip K.'s a disease, I swear!

          Ok, so here's the deal, I read a ton of science fiction and yet...I am always surprised that another Philip K. Dick story/movie has been turned into a film. Case in point that little film over there The Adjustment Bureau. My friends and I went to watch it one Friday and pow, at the very beginning the screen reads something like "based on the story 'The Adjustment Team' by Philip K. Dick" and, as in previous years, I go back home rummage through the books I have, and, no I don't own "The Adjustment Team" (it seems that the stories used for movies are in different Dick volumes spread across the Earth, nay the Universe), so, I began my search on the interwebs...found the story, read it and thought what I always think when I read a Philip K. Dick or watch the movie of a story I've already read (this has only happened one time with Minority Report)..."What the deuce? Some of the themes match and the premise is the same, but this story is very, very, oh my dear, different." And, I come to the same conclusions I always come to, "The story is changed because it is addressing a modern era and must be changed." And, then, because the itch has been scratched, down the Philip K. Dick spiral I go...I buy another book, I research and I talk about and I write about all that I know about the master of Science Fiction. I stop only when I feel satiated once again, I stop only when I feel I have read what must be the next movie or book by him, and everytime...I fail. Philip K. Dick-itis has no cure. I mean he wrote over 100 short stories alone and then you have to add in the novels...what mere mortal has the kind of time to find, buy and read them all? I do have to admit though, I'm getting pretty close.

Films and the stories that go with them:
(Links to stories where available, otherwise links to B&N)

Blade Runner
Movie: 5 Stars

I remember watching this movie when I was a kid and being mesmerized by Daryl Hannah. Her character, Pris, still haunts my dreams. Add in Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young (in her 1st of 2 roles worth watching) and others directed by Ridley Scott and you have yourself a cult classic that I didn't realize, until watching the extras on the anniversary edition, took so much out of everyone.
4 Stars
Because I read the story about 8 years after watching the movie, I don't really feel the same connection and well, the story is different enough that I was disappointed...I tried not to be, but,

A Scanner Darkly
Movie: Never seen it, it's in my Netflix queque
Never read it, I suppose I should put it on my TBR...

Total Recall
Movie: 4 Stars

This movie genuinely rocks my socks off, I remember how high-tech it was at the time. My husband and I watch it often, we have it on Blueray for some reason, I think we've also made all of our friends watch it. They don't seem to feel as passionate about it as we do, maybe they, too, should have seen it when it first came out.
4 Stars
I enjoy this story VERY much, although it is still different than the movie. To me, it isn't so different that the essence is lost...the movie just modernizes it.

Minority Report
Movie: 4 Stars

This really is the perfect SF cop thriller. I'm out of breath just thinking about the lovely ride it puts you on. Strung-out cop realizes that he has to forget the past to save an unknown. I love the scene with the umbrella.
Story: Minority Report 
3 1/2 Stars
The cop and the ending are very different, but this story is a fun ride that you can definitely tell was written Mid-20th Century, and I like Mid-century.

Movie: Never seen it, it's in my Netflix queque
Never read it, I do own the book in which it

Movie: 4 Stars

Ok, so if you read about a movie and hear that it's bad because it doesn't hold true to the original concept in any way, you watch the movie first, and, frankly, I like it a lot. The idea that no matter how hard we try we can't stop the inevitable is always interesting to me, and it's brought to you with a lot of action and, well, Ben Affleck.
Story: Paycheck
4 Stars
I like that this story still has the themes and I like that it is very different the movie. The movie would not have read well. I'm pretty sure I would not have thought this if I'd read it first. So good this story is.

The Adjustment Bureau
Movie: 5 Stars

Romance in a Dick story, what???? But, I love it! It's so pretty and, well romantic.
4 Stars

No, romance, but other than that the story is the same. Really! In thinking...I may even give this story 4 1/2 stars...

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  1. I saw The Adjustment Bureau when it first opened a few weeks ago and really really liked it. I had no idea, until the opening credits, that it was based on Philip K. Dick's short story stuff either. I've never read his work but I keep feeling I should because the movies based on them always blow me away.

    The Adjustment Bureau was especially good because I thought it was just going to be alright (the previews made it look just like an action film) but it had a ton of heart and a great concept behind it. Very intriguing to say the least. Need to get some of his work!



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