Thursday, April 7, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (Cereal)

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From Booking Through Thursday:

What' the oddest thing you've ever read? (You know, something NOT a book, magazine, short story or poem)
            I read any and all things at all times (excepting car manuals, directions on how to put things together and Nutritional Information on the backs of food--they boring, and truly unnecessary as there are people who can tell me the information located in these tiny fonted tomes).
            There is nothing more entertaining than reading the t-shirts and signs at concerts, sporting events and protest parades.
            And, I still read everything...just ask the kids who get in trouble for wearing inappropriate t-shirts. "Nobody else noticed", they say. I just smiley blithely as I tell them the rules about those kinds of t-shirts at school.

I own this t-shirt, actually my whole department does.


  1. Love the t-shirt, I suppose that is suppose to be wonder woman with a cape?

  2. I like to read t-shirts, too! In Hong Kong it is cool to have English on your t-shirt, even if it's not necessarily correct or meaningful English. My favorites so far: "Our first parachuting adventure was an exhilarating experience" (the shirt had a picture of a hot air balloon on it) and "Deadline is here! If you like it that way". I'm not sure what the second one means.

  3. nellie, it's supposed to be an awesome teacher, such as myself.

    shannon, i love that first phrase (it's so random it makes me chuckle) and the second has got to have something lost in translation! :P although it too is hilarious.

  4. Great t-shirt!
    I have this weird affinity for reading cereal boxes...must be a holdover from my childhood :)

  5. cereal boxes are very entertaining, well, that is if you kiddie cereal (esp. Peanut butter crunch) like me! :D



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