Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen: A song that describes you

          I have always had this love/hate relationship with my hair and more often than not the relationship teeters on the side of hate. I Am Not My Hair by India.arie is a song that is part of my definition of me.
          I remember when I became aware that my natural hair wasn't necessarily the 'best' my hair could look. A lady used hot irons to straighten my hair (I need not say I was impressed) and my kinky, nappy hair was down to the tops of my shoulders. She said it wouldn't last and that if I liked it my mother should find a place to get it straightened professionally (even when you get your hair straightened professionally and the rain hits it, man oh man...the recovery!). After driving a couple of times to a place in a city about an hour away, we found a place in my hometown. We left that place after she burnt my ears and head to a crisp one evening and tried another place in the same city we'd left, a city an hour away, and then another and another and another. I kept my hair straight until 2000 when I asked a friend to use clippers to buzz off my hair. I was sick of getting up early to fix it, as I now lived in that city and the town in which I taught was an hour away. For three years I kept my hair in a 'fro, and I let it grow.
          "Why are you letting your hair out like that?" I let it grow.
          "Are you a lesbian?" I let it grow.
          I let it grow sooo much that when I finally got it straightened again (at the behest of my co-cheer sponsor, who told me that I 'needed' to get my hair 'did'), my hair went down to my lower back. We took  pictures (that I can't find or I'd show you) and then cut it off to my shoulders (who can handle hair that long, especially in the summer?).
          Every year my hair changes...mostly based on what fun I had over the summer.
          I'd like to say that I wear my hair natural because of all the reasons that women do (black power and more), but I don't, I do it for one simple reason; it makes me happy and I'm beginning to move to loving it, and when the happiness stops then I'll change it.
          I'll never understand why my hairstyle can say so much!

                                            Lyrics | India Arie lyrics - I Am Not My Hair lyrics

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  1. I just must say: I love India Arie. I saw her in concert 2 years ago and it was AWESOME!

  2. oh i bet that was a wonderful concert!

  3. Hi Stephanie!

    I'm dropping by from the LBS tea party. I got drawn to this post because I love India Arie - she definitely empowers you and she is one amazing lady. My favorite song of hers is Video :)

    With regards to your hair and hairstyle - Cheers! Your hair is lovely actually :)

    Have a good weekend!



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