Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday 2011

          Ever since I was a little Southern Baptist girl I have had this deep interest in the major stories of the Bible, but none more so than Palm Sunday. My reason is simple: I have never understood (other than knowing that it was God's will) how one group of people could shower a person with accolades (I mean they let Jesus' donkey walk all over their garments while, in my mind, fanning him with palm leaves) and then another group of people (or is it the same group of people? I guess people are still discussing this) allow themselves to be manipulated into crucifying that same person less than a week later.
          Palm Sunday exist lest we (lest I) forget how fickle humans are (just watch one 30 minute segment of news to see how easy it is for us to love a celebrity/politican/professional athlete and then allow ourselves to be swayed into modern day crucifictions of said celebrity/politican/professional athlete), how easily we can be swayed and manipulated, and, in contrast, how patient, kind and forgiving the Lord is to all of us all of the time.

The Story of Psalm Sunday can be found here
"Different Words, Same Message" an interesting sermon about Palm Sunday
Devotional for Palm Sunday


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  1. Here in the Philippines people observe Palm Sunday with processions with Palms-near us they closed down one half of one of the biggest roads for a procession of 2 km. with 1000 of marchers (and lots of vendors selling palm branches)-the procession ended at one of the biggest churches in Asia



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