Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do It With All Your Heart

Sure, I'd like to have "faith like a child", I'd also like to have perseverance like a child. I am amazed at how hard the tiny tot works, and she works everyday learning how to climb stairs, climb desk, understand words and eat using a utensil and she does it with all of her heart. Although I watch her struggle at it and sometimes fall or get frustrated because she can't get it, she doesn't stop until she does, and then she gives herself a little hand clap and a Lila Jane sized, "Yea!" and goes on to the next task.


  1. I love the Lila Jane "Yeah" cause of the smile and look in her eyes! Talked to Joey yesterday and when I asked her about going on the potty chair she said "I'm not a little girl anymore" and in my mind I seen the McBride smile and the head cocked to one side and the same look in her eyes as Lila. I miss them both very much! Oh and their Mommies also!



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