Sunday, January 16, 2011

Somewhere Else

A friend of mine (Aimee) gave me this blog post before I knew what blog post were and, she gave it to me at just the time I needed it. Every once in awhile I pull it out and read it again…lest I forget. And, I have found that during this week, I've been doing some forgetting.
For I have learned to be content, whatever the circumstances. ~Philippians 4:11 (NIV)
“Wherever you are, be all there.”  ~Jim Eliot
Somewhere Else               
               Patience and I are not friends. It took me at least 4 years to understand that ‘bloom where you’re planted’ meant learning to be content and that learning to be content meant trusting in God. We can say we trust God, but if we aren’t talking and communicating with Him and understanding that He has a purpose for us outside of what purpose we have for ourselves we aren’t really listening.
                I remember when I accepted the job at Lebanon, I literally thought, I’ll stay for a few years beef up the ‘ole resume and then I’ll go somewhere else, anywhere else and it will be easy because I will have no stake in this town. I spent the first four years of my teaching career with one foot out the door and you can’t communicate on a personal and deep level with students who need you when you’ve got one foot out the door. You can’t do anything successfully when you are looking for the next big thing.
                If I had chosen to live my life the way that I’d planned and not taken a moment to breathe, I would not have a beautiful daughter, a husband that I love (much like Debra loves Ray), a house, awesome friends and a job (not many in this economy can say that) and no matter what this job looks like next year, I will 'bloom where I'm planted'. And, I have such faith in God that I know there’s even more gloriousness to this adventure that is my life.
                I will always want to live overseas (preferable London), but I know that’s not where I supposed to be right now…otherwise, I’d be there.
                I appreciate, every day, the person who gave me this little piece of paper. I’m not sure she knew how big of a deal this little devotional was going to be for me…frankly, I didn’t know either.
               Have you ever been somewhere you didn’t want to be? Asked God for help?

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