Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year...New You???

Happy New Year!!!

          Every year all of us make resolutions to become our better selves...sometimes we even buy books to proliferate the ideas that we have in the hopes that someone has written a book or said that something that will quick fix our issues.
          My resolution for 2011 is simple...I will not buy books that teach me how to be a better self. Instead, I will get off my duff, make more friends, pray and throw away all books that claim to make me better (unless, of course, that book is The Bible).


  1. That's a good resolution!! I never found those self-help books very helpful...but they are strangely appealing!

  2. Judge people by who they are and how they treat others, go with your gut! I'm having a hard time with the get off my duff part, you do like your time of leisure. Always keep God in your heart, He knows. You are special in your own way, thats why I love you.



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