Saturday, January 22, 2011

In My Next Life I Will Be a Craft Goddess...

...Of course, in my next life I will also have time to do more than read awesome craft articles!
           My friend is having a baby and I want to make her something because she and her mother made something for my baby (a lovely blanket with jungle animals). And, in looking for something cool (she and her husband are the kind of people who appreciate different and cool), I've come across the most amazing sites and crafts. Eventually, I will stop looking at all the websites and craft ideas and actually go to the store, buy supplies and create masterpieces, but until then I hope that you enjoy these lovely websites as much as I do!

Crafty Blogs
Making Baby

Crafty Websites

Crafty Magazines and books

Current Project Ideas
Mod Podge Paper Bowl
Mid Century Clock Magnets
Freezer Stencil Bag Design

Now, just to narrow it down to one idea or perhaps two BEFORE the big day!!!
If you have any ideas feel free to share...

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