Monday, January 17, 2011

50 Books in a Year: Book #3 Alice I Have Been

          There is nothing better in the world, than nonchalantly browsing through a book store.
          My friends and I spent our first Friday back from break bumming around B&N--after a much needed pants excursion (I hate shopping), I needed something relaxing.
          We split up and roamed around, but all ended up converging at the 'new in paperback' section looking at and commenting on the covers--Lord knows a cover can make or break a book. All of us (husband and tiny tot included) stopped at the cover of the book Alice I Have Been.
           Now, you have to remember that, at the time, I was reading another book...but, I couldn't help that I wanted to start this book right's got a recommendation from the lady author who won't stop writing her friggin' book series; it must be good. I mean look at the cover, you can tell it's going to be about the REAL Alice; Alice Liddell and her family, especially sister Lorina (Ina).
            I enjoy when authors take a fiction story and make it real or give it a twist like Wicked, and other books by Gregory Macguire, Beastly, and A Kiss in Time by Alex Finn, The Wide Sargasso SeaBeauty, Ella Enchanted, The Stinky Cheese Man, Pemberley and those silly monster books using Jane Austen novels (Pride and Prejuide and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters). And, I enjoy those stories that take something that's real and add, what some believe to be the truth, like Becoming Jane, From Hell, all those books by Phillipa Gregory, especially The Other Boleyn Girl, and The White QueenFinding Neverland (The Man Who Was Peter Pan) and this book by Melanie Benjamin.
           My friend got the book for her Kindle several days ago and has been talking about it so much that finally we got it on the Nook. I've also recommended that my cousin and I start reading it together, I'm so glad she is (you know who you are!).
           What happens when Alice grows up? That's the question, right?
           So, far I have not been disappointed with how Benjamin is choosing to answer.


  1. Hi Stephanie:

    I loved reading your review of Alice I Have Been. I think we felt the same way about the book, but I really enjoyed how you put your review in words.

    Happy Reading



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