Friday, April 24, 2015

U: Unidentified Flying Motifs and Symbols

I teach high school English. I can't help, but analyze everything I read, see and hear. Below are some of my observations from "The X-Files".

The Gold Cross that Scully wears: faith, truth, Faith, the power of love and of family
Little Green Men (EBEs): truth, governmental subterfuge
Samantha Mulder: loss, the search for truth, lies, justice, peace
The Cigarette: lies, manipulations, loneliness, evil, darkness
Mulder's Gun: inability to get justice/find the truth, violence, loss of power

Religion: for or against traditional religion, faith or loss of faith, finding a faith in the darkness
Life, Death and Transfiguration: What does it mean to live and die? What is life and death? Acts of transfiguration are seen throughout several episodes in the earlier seasons, characters are resurrected, evil is cast out of them or they become possessed
Helplessness and Loneliness: In the end we all die alone and we are helpless to it, we can only fight so much and we can only do so much alone
Alien abduction: the main characters are both abducted and are changed because of it

  1. Having faith does not that you can't question or think for yourself.
  2. Faith vs. Skepticism.
  3. Chivalric quest and journeys always lead to the truth.
  4. "The Truth is Out There"
  5. "Trust No 1"
  6. "I Want to Believe"
  7. "Bad religion, bad politics, radical selfishness and the canonization of materialism have destroyed the heart and soul of Western Civilation"

And, if you want to go really crazy and, well, need enough information to write a dissertation there's all of the Tropes you could possibily think of all in one place. Enjoy!

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  1. Love this post. On my last year in college our American literature doctor taught us how to analyse Films. Let's just say my life was never the same again, now I can't watch anything without over analyzing. It drives me crazy sometimes :|



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