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L: The Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen
Edited from Wikipedia

The Lone Gunmen are Richard "Ringo" Langly, Melvin Frohike and John Fitzgerald Byers.Their name was derived from the lone gunman theory of the John F. Kennedy assassination.
Described as counterculture patriots, they are ardent conspiracy theorists, government watchdogs and computer hackers who frequently assist central X-Files characters Mulder and Scully, though they sometimes have their own adventures. The Lone Gunmen author a news publication called The Lone Gunman (once referred to as The Magic Bullet Newsletter; a pejorative reference to the single bullet theory and, like the group's name, a reference to the Kennedy assassination), to which Mulder loyally subscribed. None of them have day jobs; they rely on financial backers who believe in their cause, and the revenue generated by the subscriptions to their paper. They shared a loft apartment where they also work, and use a 1974–79 VW Transporter to commute.
The Skinny
Frohike has this strange crush on Scully (well, I guess it's not really strange Dana Scully is pretty amazing). It seems that she is aware and treats him with the utmost kindness. Of course, he's also the one that's the most paranoid.
Langly is the most computer game, geeky of the three and they joke around often about his need to cut his hair and be respectable.
Byers seems to be the most grounded of the three and talks the others off the ledge often. At one time I wasn't really sure that he was truly with the rest of them, but then he didn't run away when he could have and I knew deep down that he was truly like the others.
Episodes of the X-Files in which they appear
"The Lone Gunmen" seem to always be there just when I'd prefer that the episode move on in a faster manner, or when I don't want to laugh and things just get too intense. I think they work best in episodes that are enhanced by their "Three Stooges" act (those episodes are highlighted in red below) or when they're being geeky and adorable (those episodes are highlighted in green).

Season 1
  • "E.B.E."
Season 2
  • "Blood"
  • "One Breath"
  • "Fearful Symmetry"
  • "Anasazi"
Season 3
  • "The Blessing Way"
  • "Paper Clip"
  • "Nisei"
  • "Apocrypha"
  • "Wetwired"
Season 4
  • "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man"
  • "Memento Mori"
Season 5
  • "Redux"
  • "Redux II"
  • "Unusual Suspects"
  • "Emily"
  • "Kill Switch"
  • "The End"
The X-Files: Fight the Future
Season 6
  • "Triangle"
  • "Dreamland II"
  • "One Son"
  • "Three of a Kind"
  • "Field Trip"
Season 7
  • "First Person Shooter"
  • "En Ami"
  • "Requiem"
Season 8
  • "Within"
  • "Via Negativa"
  • "The Gift"
  • "Deadalive"
  • "Three Words"
  • "Existence"
Season 9
  • "Nothing Important Happened Today"
  • "Nothing Important Happened Today II"
  • "Provenance"
  • "Providence"
  • "William"
  • "Jump the Shark"
  • "The Truth" 

That being said....I don't really like "The Lone Gunmen". Maybe I should watch the series, but more than likely I'll just re-watch X-Files episodes, I can only take so much from crazy conspiracy theorists hiding in the dark stumbling over themselves. 

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