Friday, April 10, 2015

I: I Want to Believe (Movie Two)

Reasons why I think people didn't really fall for this movie:
1] They wanted answers about the end of the series. This movie did not provide answers about anything concerning the ending of the series or the MythArc at all. They forgot that this movie was going to be a stand alone movie from the very beginning.
2] Um...I here there was this other movie that came out around that was some sort of Action Adventure movie...OK, fine, I watched "The Dark Knight Rises" opening night at midnight and then again about 2 weeks later. I watched this movie on opening day, but only once in the theatre.
3] It was billed as a Summer Blockbuster and some people who went to see it (people who were not die-hard X-Philes) wanted more big effects, more CGI, more guns, more tanks, more blood...
4] It was a summer movie full of plot and theme and thinking and snow for Pete-sakes!

or, they were like my friend, who said after we got up and were heading out the theatre

5] "Seeing David Duchovny was nice, seeing Mulder with Scully was nice, but what the heck was the rest of that? It was just too disturbing and creepy. Maybe they'll do aliens next time."

Why I love this movie:
1] It's a MOTW episode and, well, those are my favorite! While it has elements of the supernatural it also has the worse kind of monster of all: the monster that could actually exist in society.
2] It reminds me of the first few seasons of the show when I didn't want to watch episodes alone and I jumped out of my seat with terror a lot of the time. There were few happy endings and things were rarely tied up in a neat little bow, and it was creepy as heck!
3] It talks about our inability, but desire, to understand science and faith and know when they intertwine into one. We want to have both together at the same time, most think that we cannot.
4] The ending after the credits. *adorbs*

or, as Roger Ebert, God rest his soul, said so long ago:

5] "The movie is insidious. It involves evil on not one level but two. The evildoers, it must be said, are singularly inept; they receive bills for medical supplies under their own names, and surely there must be more efficient ways to abduct victims and purchase animal tranquilizers. But what they're up to is so creepy, and the snow-covered Virginia landscapes so haunting, and the wrong-headedness of Scully so frustrating, and the FBI bureaucracy so stupid, and Mulder so brave, that the movie works like thrillers used to work, before they were required to contain villains the size of buildings."

I think I need to get the book.

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  1. That's a great review. I loved "I want to believe" too, I mean just the name is enough to grab your attention and it very much encapsulates the relationship between Mulder and Scully, but seriously when are those two going to get married? anyway it was creepy as hell, and it totally freaked me out.



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