Monday, April 20, 2015

Q: A Quick Trip through my favorites (MOTW, mytharc epi, season, episode)

So, I found this great blog post ("30 Days in a Day or a Love Song to the X-Files") and thought that I would do the same here on this blog. It's a great way to get a lot of information out and quickly.

Day 1: Favorite Season
Season 6...I like to ship all the things and this season, while it ends in a whimper, starts out with a bang by taking place right after the movie. Seriously, with shippy deliciousness like "Arcadia", "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas", "The Rain King" and "Dreamland I and II", just great episodes like "The Unnatural" and "Monday", and trippy, gross episodes like "Field Trip", how could I not be in love with this season?
Day 2: Least Favorite Season
The first three seasons of this show are quite different than the next three (of course, there's another shift after Season 6, but we don't need to talk about that now)...the episodes are just so darned dark and scary and happy endingless, but the one that the biggest downer is Season 2. Sure it's got great storylines, but by the end I just needed a good laugh.
Day 3: First Episode You Ever Saw
You probably remember me saying that I don't really remember the first episode I ever saw, but I do remember the first episode that gave me the willies...the one with the killer lightening bugs, "Darkness Falls".
Day 4: Favorite Female Character
Sooo...if I can't choose Scully as my favorite because that would be a given, I suppose, I don't know who else I'd choose. Sure, there's Monica Reyes, but isn't she also a given? Are there really a lot of secondary characters that are female? Monica, Marita, Susanne Modeski all appear in more than one episode, but do they work?
Day 5 Favorite Male Character
ADA Skinner, I spent most of the series wondering if he was a good guy or a bad guy, questioning most of his actions and the end he proved himself and it's nice watching the episodes again with all of this in mind.
Day 6: Favorite Villain
I love to hate this sexy, double-crossing SOB. I think he proves that it's better to choose a side, even if that side loses than to me all for ones self.
Day 7: Favorite Episode
If I have to pick just
Day 8: Favorite Monster of the Week
Donnie Pfaster...sure he doesn't have any extra abilities, but that just makes him scarier and creepier and...well, I'm getting chills just thinking about him.
Day 9: Favorite Mulder Moment
Any of those scenes in "Monday"...I sometimes watch this episode just so I can watch his facial expressions.
"My damn waterbed sprung a leak...Yes, I do know must have been a gift."
"I endorsed my damn paycheck stub."
Day 10: Favorite Scully Moment
I prefer kick butt Scully over crying/moping/irrational Scully. I especially like her at the end of "Never Again"..."Not everything's about you, Mulder."
Day 11: Favorite Skinner Moment
When he gives Scully the coordinates in "Triangle" and she kisses him "the elevator doors open*
Day 12: Favorite Doggett Moment
The end of "Release". He'd been so full of rage for most of that episode, questioning and confused at the end we can see his pain and it, well, I teared up a little.
Day 13: Favorite Monica Moment
When she's helping Scully deliver the baby...she just so sweet and awesome. Frankly, I have loved Annabeth Gish my whole life...ever since 'Mystic Pizza'.
Day 14: Favorite Lone Gunmen Moment
Any in "Three of a Kind"...I especially like that Byers gets a bit of romance.
Day 15: Happiest Scene
The end of Season 8.
Day 16: Funniest Scene
"It wasn't even real cream cheese it was light cream cheese."
"Talkin' bout Shaft can you dig it..."
"I. DID. NOT."
*Gets me every time.*
Day 17: Most Dramatic Scene
The ending of "Milagro"
Day 18: Most Heartbreaking Scene
Mulder crying at Scully's bedside *tears*
Day 19: Favorite Mulder/Scully Moment
"I'd kiss you if you weren't so ugly."
Day 20: Favorite Mulder/Scully Phone Conversation
It's a toss up between all of those convos in "War of the Corprophages" and the three-way in the bubble bath tubs in "Hollywood AD".
Day 21: An Episode You Hate that Everyone Else Loves
I do not get the love for "Jose Chung's From Outer Space". I've watched that episode more than once, during the night...I've read the script and still...I don't think it's funny.
Day 22: An Episode You Hated at First, but Now Love
I am sorry to say that I was one of those people that didn't watch an episode that didn't include Mulder and I was that person for a long time, then I bought the show on DVD and watched them and well, um, they are good...different than Mulder and Scully, but good. I am sad I didn't give them a chance. I especially like "4-D". WOW!
Day 23: Favorite Mytharc or Recurring Storyline
"Wet-Wired"/"Talitha Cumi"/"Herrenvolk"
Day 24: Favorite Title for an Episode
"2Shy"...I can't be the only one who thinks of that song...and then there's the fact that the killer is preying on the vulnerability of lonely women.
Day 25: Favorite Kiss
That forehead kiss in the touching.
Day 26: Favorite Season Finale
Season 5...boy did that one have me going!
Day 27: Favorite Scene, EVER
"We just curled up like little baby cats, ain't that right honey bunch."
"Sure is poopy pants."
Day 28: Favorite FTF Moment
"I had you big time."
Day 29: Favorite IWTB Moment
The first time we see Mulder and Scully and they're in bed. He appears beside her all scruffy and it surprised the whole theatre. Seriously, people clapped and cheered. My friend and I had gone to watch it opening night and I had to by the DVD just to know what I missed after that happened the cheering was so loud. It was an awesome experience.
Day 30: Favorite Quote
"Whatever happened to playing a hunch, Scully? The element of surprise, random acts of unpredictability? If we fail to anticipate the unforseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced."

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