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J: John Doggett and Monica Reyes

John Doggett
From Wikipedia
FBI Special Agent John Jay Doggett is a fictional character in the Fox science fiction-supernatural television series The X-Files. With his FBI partners Dana Scully (season 8) and Monica Reyes (season 9), they work on the X-Files office together, which is concerned with cases with particularly mysterious or possibly supernatural circumstances that were left unsolved and shelved by the FBI. John Doggett is played by Robert Patrick. Doggett was a main character from the eighth to ninth seasons (2000–2002), replacing David Duchovny's character Fox Mulder. Doggett appeared in the opening credits and every episode from the season eight premiere to the series finale.
Doggett made his first appearance in the 2000 episode "Within". Doggett served in the United States Military from the 1970s to the 1980s. Later he started working for the New York Police Department, he was eventually promoted to detective. After his son's death, he got a job in the FBI. He started to work for the Criminal Investigations Division. In 2000, he was assigned to the X-Files office, after the disappearance of Mulder. The introduction of Doggett was met with mostly positive reaction by critics, while getting more mixed response from longtime fans of the series.

Monica Reyes
From Wikipedia
FBI Special Agent Monica Julieta Reyes is a fictional character in the Fox science fiction-supernatural television series The X-Files. Monica Reyes is portrayed by Annabeth Gish. A Special Agent with the FBI, she works with her longtime friend and partner John Doggett in the X-Files office, which is concerned with the investigation of paranormal cases, dubbed "X-Files". Introduced in the series' eighth season, Reyes would become a main character throughout the entirety of its ninth and final season, last appearing in the finale, "The Truth".
Reyes' first appearance in the episode "This Is Not Happening" was intended to add another character to the series who would readily believe in the paranormal, after the departure of David Duchovny and his character Fox Mulder. The character, and Gish's portrayal of her, have since received a mixed response from critics. She later appears in the canonical comic series The X-Files Season 10.

In "The X-Files"
After Mulder's absence, Doggett and eventually Reyes come in to help with the X-Files. I don't really care about the real reason all of this happened (we can talk about contracts, and studio execs at a later date and time), what I do care about is how they integrated this two characters into the show. Reyes, as a new-age, mystic and Doggett as the hardened agent breathed life back into the show and I truly like their MOTW episodes.

Their relationship to others
I love the way that Monica and Scully compliment one another. I'd hate to be the villain against each of them individually, but together they are two pretty amazing, albeit, different women. I also love the way Monica and Doggett interact with one another, they are more than friends from their first introduction to the show and if Doggett hadn't been so overcome with grief at the loss of his son he would've seen that.

I've also learned, over time, to stop comparing them to Mulder and Scully. They are not meant to be the same, I would even say that they aren't meant to be foils, even. They are meant only to be an extension of an already richly characterized universe. I am sorry that I didn't give these two characters the chance they truly deserve. I hope that they can make it to the 6 part mini-series somehow.

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