Monday, April 6, 2015

E: Education...or, how I use my favorite show in the classroom

The best thing about being a teacher is sharing my thoughts and experiences with my students. I love
incorporating the things that I love (especially my love of Pop Culture) into my teaching. Over the years I've been able to use a couple of episodes of "The X-Files" in my classroom.

"Field Trip"
Class: Applied Communications (a remedial class)
How it was used: To talk about the various modes of communication (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and to show the difference between hearing and listening. While there are several episodes that show great communication and what happens when communication lacks, this one is one of the best because it's only when they truly listen that they can get away from the mushroom. Things keep getting repeated, but no one is listening.
What we did: Watched the episode, there was a handout to go with it with the four modes of communication, students were to note these and then there were questions on the back talking about listening specifically.
CCSS: SL.9-10.1; SL.9-10.3

"The Post-Modern Prometheus"
Class: AP Literature and Composition
How it was used: As part of the unit when we read Frankenstein, it's just too good not to add this 2nd layer to the book. We talk about Modernism (according to Shelley and according to our modern definition) and Postmodernism. We pull out all the allusions they can (some don't get the geekier stuff) and then we relate it to the novel and its themes and symbols and motifs. We also watch 'Blade Runner' and then compare all three. Good stuff.
CCSS: RL.11-12.1; RL.11-12.2; RL.11-12.3; RL.11-12.5; RL.11-12.6; RL.11-12.7

What episodes would you suggest are good for the classroom?


  1. Sounds like you'd do anything to watch X-files while working.. :) Excellent theme and great E.

  2. I love this post, I too let some Pop culture come into my classroom but my kids are pretty small so X-Files isn't a choice. Can't remember the episodes exactly to say which are good for class but the mushroom one was definitely one of my favs :)
    "Haneen/I Will Never Give you Up (479)"

    1. what level are you students?
      i think that people underestimate pop culture and how it can be used to connect us to the past, present and future!

  3. Very cool and inventive teaching method! Bet you are at the top of the favorite teachers list :)

    1. thanks! i try... :D
      we had such a good time with XFiles and Frankenstein and Blade Runner that's definitely something I'll be doing next year! :D



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