Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Made in Australia, or Why I Get Weak in the Knees Everytime I Watch TV nowadays

So, I was watching The Glades over the weekend *strike that* So, I was watching the whole first season of The Glades over the weekend and I have decided I have my new crush/Fall distraction.

Two words: Matt Passmore

After about three episodes, I recognized his accent was a bit off...oh! not in a bad know with words that have strong vowels like 'hour', 'anger' and 'shot'! I googled me some Mr. Passmore and found out that he hails from Australia. Now, here's the thing, Matt (I'm sure he won't mind if I call him Matt from now on) isn't my first TV crush from would seem that many of the lead male roles that I've felt compelled to oogle happen to be from the land Down Under. I've compiled a list:

Julian McMahon
Where I've seen him in the US: Charmed, Nip/Tuck
Why you should stalk him on HULU or wherever you can find him: He has lovely teeth, a pretty smile and great hair. As Dr. Christian Troy, he was that bad boy you love; conflicted and honest (really), unlike his counterpart Shawn, and confident and strong...oh, and he has nice get to see them a lot (along with other parts of his anatomy) when watching Nip/Tuck. He's good at playing conflicted...remember demon/human Cole, anyone?

Alex O'Loughlin
Where I've seen him in the US: Moonlight, Hawaii 5-0, that horrible depressing show about organ donations called Three Rivers, The Shield
Why you should stalk him on HULU or wherever you can find him: What I like most about Mr. O'Loughlin (or is that O'Lachlan) is his eyes...yes, it's his eyes...If you haven't watched Moonlight might I suggest it, I mean who doesn't like a crime-fighting vampire? I'm sure I would have liked Three Rivers had its concept not been so darned depressing. I also really like him in the movie Oyster Farmer (accent intact) and, oh yeah, there's this little show called Hawaii 5-0 where he's shirtless a friggin' lot. If you're into that sort of thing...

Simon Baker
Where I've seen him in the US: The Guardian, a short lived show Smith, The Mentalist
Why you should stalk him on HULU or wherever you can find him: Curly, blonde hair and manly eye wrinkles. There for awhile I wasn't really sure that I was going to get to see him on television, his shows weren't making it and then The Mentalist happened. Simon Baker has an excellent laugh and he does it a lot in this show. This show is smart (even if you know the ending as the formula never's fun to see how they get to it) and funny and also quite serious and sometimes down-right bloody. There's also a lovely British man (Owain Yeoman) disguising himself as an All-American if you aren't into my Aussie friend. But, how could you not want to see Simon everyday?

Jesse Spencer
Where I've seen him in the US: House
Why you should stalk him on HULU or wherever you can find him: He's using his own accent playing sniveling little doctor Robert Chase on House. Although he is pretty, I'm not particularly interested in his character on House as he mostly mopes around and whines and has only just begun (feel free to sing) to work for and appreciate what he has. I do, however, like his character in Uptown Girls and I think that he sings for real...sigh... If you don' watch House for Mr. Spencer, you can always watch it for Hugh Laurie, Dr. House, himself.

Matt Passmore
Where I've seen him in the US: The Glades
Why you should stalk him on HULU or wherever you can find him: I enjoy a show that has some good sexual tension, just ask me how I feel about Mulder and Scully or Booth and Bones or Sam and Diane (yes, I started early!)...seriously, it's almost obsession. I liked this show from the start because of  the dynamic between the two main characters Jim Longworth and Callie (oh, and I also like the name Callie). I am also a sucker for clever, pithy dialogue. This show rocks. Don't believe me? At one time they were letting people download the Season 1 Episode 1 script for your e-reader. It's a good read, especially if you enjoy a good script, which I do!

And, if the above isn't enough...
Here's an interesting post talking about the Aussie Invasion from a lovely blog I stumbled upon called waxing lyrical and philosophic. It highlights both males and females and gives you a little background, something my little comments are lacking, well unless you're looking for eye-candy via the boob tube.


  1. I've been wondering about his odd accent on The Glades! This explains everything!!! Julian McMahon was one of the main reasons I watched Charmed, Simon Baker is just plain gorgeous, (I'd love to play with his hair!) and I agree with hating Jesse Spencer's character on House, but I've found that if you mute the TV you can take in his awesomeness without the unpleasantness of having to listen to his whining. :) It's a win, win situation

  2. I shall watch the reruns of House on 'silent' this weekend!

    Siobian, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has a thing for Aussies! :D



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