Monday, August 29, 2011

50 Books in a Year: Book #36 The Lost Symbol

     I enjoy a good thriller.    
     I like when a book makes me read so fast that I get paper cuts flipping through the pages or, in the case of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, I read so fast I get little tini seizures from flicking through the pages on my Nook.
     I love Dan Brown.
     I love Robert Langdon.
     I'm pretty sure that I won't have anything bad to say about Mr. Brown as long as he continues to write books involving the brilliant Dr. Langdon and clues that aren't hard for me to cipher, but always surprising when I do, as long as there are tormented characters like Mal'akh, as long as there's slight sexual tension, but not enough to be distracting, as long as he writes about pretty places I've been or want to go.
     I love that Dan Brown's stories are always just a step ahead of what my head can guess.
     I do have to say though, if you have a fear of drowning or suffocating (like I do) or a fear of large sea creatures (like I do) might I suggest not reading this book (especially the last few chapters) late at night, on a trip to the Smithsonian, in a cabin in Colorado with just your kiddo beside you, or while taking a bath. I mean unless you want to be freaked out of your ever loving mind, which sometimes isn't a bad thing.

5 Stars


  1. I love Dan Brown and Robert Langton too but thought this one was just silly and not up to the standard of the others. I am glad you enjoyed it more than I did though ...

  2. one of my friends and i were talking about it and she thought it was silly too! she couldn't really put her finger on why, she thought maybe it was the mason thing, but then rationalized that wasn't it...out of curiosity, what did you find silly?

    *whispers* it may even be my i knew every place he was going to, which made me feel more in it than the others.

  3. Whenever I read a novel by Dan Brown, I always end up wondering how he manages to cram/connect all those amazing facts together in one book. I think he has a pretty impressive memory. :)

  4. i have to agree. he is a fascinating fount of information that i would love to have a conversation with someday! :)

  5. Glad you liked it!
    Not as exciting as the previous two though.
    So far my favorite Dan Brown novel is Deception Point.



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