Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five (Sticky)

I love doing surveys and questionnaires. I love reading peoples answers to surveys and questionnaires. They are a weakness of mine, and in looking for topics for my blog to make it easier for me to post everyday once school started...I found this. So, Fridays we're taking a break from talking about reading and books and words to answer silly surveys and questionnaires. Feel free to post your answers below, on your own blog, or both!!! Ideas from

  1. What kind of magnets do you have on your fridge?
  2. What’s your preferred type of glue?
  3. When is it good to feel sticky?
  4. What was the last thing you wrote upon a Post-It?
  5. How much pancake syrup do you put on your pancakes?

  1. Magnets from my travels...Chicago, Scotland, England, Philadelphia, a crab from Maryland, one from my friend when she went to Paris, Wonder Woman (given to me by a student for my birthday)...and, some silly ads that a friend and I turned into magnets for Christmas presents..."I Wanna Believe"...I think that's all.
  2. Elmer's
  3. Never...ew!
  4. Things I needed to remember to do when I got back to school on Monday...things I should have done last Monday, but I didn't put them on a post-it then, so...
  5. I like to drown the pancakes in syrup...I'd rather have too much syrup than not enough...but, I always manage to get just the right amount.

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