Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Week in a Nutshell #2

One] It was the first full week of school and, golly, I'm still exhausted. I am enjoying my new students. I'm not sure that I'm enjoying this new schedule yet. I got the dates wrong on one of my calendars, thought Friday was a Black Day (thank goodness I prepare ahead and, well...NEVER leave my room otherwise I would've been lost!) and I'm just sooooo tired. The new schedule goes like this: all my classes Monday, Tuesday and Friday, Blocks 1, 2, 5, 6 on Wednesday and Blocks 3, 4, 7, 8 on Thursday (this is to help accommodate the Tech school) just leaves me confused. I hate change.

Two] I finally got to talk to my friend who moved to Nashville, I called her during school on my planning period. Just incase you were wondering...I called mostly to gossip and catch-up and, yes, I used my planning period to do that! Now, if only I could find sometime to finish our conversation! You know you don't really realize how much you miss talking to someone until you actually get to talk to them!

Three] Christopher took the family out to dinner on Friday. The tiny person was mostly on good behavior. Hanging out without a plan was really nice and Haruno's is always a good time, especially if you like sushi. Family time is also always a good time, especially when your husband let's you eat and plays with the kid by making paper airplanes and coloring with the crayons in your purse.

Four] I've been reading this blog Ricochet for a little bit. I enjoy reading this blog because it's nice to see that other teachers have the same problems with parents, kids, administrators that I do. If only I'd thought of being anonymous and writing a blog about theraputic!


  1. Parents causing a problem in a teacher's life? Never ROFL. We've been so fortunate over the years, we've only had a few teachers that I just wasn't ok with. One was in high school. My daughter was 17. The student teacher was about 21ish. Way too close in age. My daughter had a ton of male friends. This student teacher, I'm sure not even aware was very unfair to my daughter. We took a paper that got a C- on it and gave it to my english professor friend at the local college. She was willing to put her name on it saying it was an A- or B+ high school level paper. We visited the principal the next day and my daughter was taken out of class and put on private study english for the rest of the semester. That was one of our worst teacher experiences. Anyway, happy Sunday!!

  2. that reminds me! they should really evaluate student teachers better and give them the help they need early on before problems like this arise! and, the student teacher was male and awkward or female and a little, um, territorial??? either way, gar!

  3. Sushi - Yummy! Glad you had a good time!

    I visited Ricochet; nice site, and I'll recommend it to a few teacher friends, thanks!

  4. hiya ruthi,
    oh that's sooo cool!
    sushi is delicious!



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