Friday, March 4, 2011

Mars Needs Moms -- The Top 10 Things My Daughter Would Miss Most If I Were Abducted by Aliens

Ok, I saw this post at Inspired By Savannah on Monday and thought that it seemed close enough to a questionnaire that I could post it here today! Yippie!

I, frankly, have never heard of the movie or book, which just tells me that my kidlet isn't old enough yet to totally be influencing what I read and watch (as I type this we're watching Blues' Clues, a show I know from when Little Miss Aidan was a little missie--which tells me that I may be not telling the truth on that last bit, darnnit), however it sounds cute and fun!

From Inspired By Savannah:

In honor of the March 11th release of "Mars Needs Moms," SocialMoms has asked bloggers to write up a post about what are the top ten things you think your kids would miss most about you if you were abducted by aliens/Martians?
1] All the times I wait patiently for her to answer, "No" to the questions as I read to her Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin again and again and again. "Is the pumpkin in the log, Goose?"..."Nooo...".

2] Our nightly concert of The Rainbow Connection, Give Him the Ooh-la-la and Original of the Species.

3] The fact I don't mind watching PBSKids and its need to repeat cartoons over and over and over all. day. long. I also enjoy singing along to all the theme songs...yes, I do. *Big Grin*

4] Music on the computer for music time, including but not limited to From Where I'm Standing and Rhythm of Love...thanks Aunt Nellie for creating this little ritual!

5] Traveling. She's gone with me to visit my friends in St. Louis, on the train to Chicago for vacation, on the plane to DC to visit stop? Who knows!

6] Saturday morning peanut butter toast and bananas.

7] "Naked baby!"This funny thing that started when she was tiny and using an infant tub...she did not like baths or being cold so, I'd take her out of the tub and squeal the phrase while I wrapped her up in a towel. She now says it on her own without prompting as I take her out of the big girl tub and wrap her up in a towel. Cuteness.

8] Going to used books stores and playing around with the books and such until we find the perfect ones to take home.

9] "Walk" time...after I pick her up from daycare, we spend some quality time walking to check the mail and walking up and down the sidewalk and walking to pet the "cat, cat, meow, meow" and walking up and down the steps.

10] Our "KissKiss" "HugHug" times.



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