Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Diverse Taste...a discovery...

The books below are the first four books I've read this year...

I've ranked them as follows:

1] 4-stars
2] 4-stars
3] 4-stars
4] 5-stars

Their categories are as follows:

1] fantasy, adventure, classic
2] Christian, romance, Historical fiction
3] non-fiction, memoir, humor
4] young adult/middle grade, epistolary, mystery

And, what I've noticed is that all together they encapsulate genres that I quite enjoy. For fun I mixed up a description and then found a book or two that I loved that could be categorized as such.

Christian, fantasy, young adult/middle grade

Romance, memoir, non-fiction

Historical fiction, adventure, humor

Classic, epistolary, mystery

It's going to be an excellent year of reading. I can already tell.

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