Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year...and, one BIG Reading Goal...

Ok, so I don't even want to talk about the amount of money I spent on books last year! But, let's just say that it was enough for me to realize that I don't need to buy any more for a long, long while...enter my goal for this year (taken my friend Julie who spent 2011 not buying any books).

I'm going to spend 2013 not purchasing any books (Chris will be happy to learn about this goal!)--and, yes, that includes those $.99 ones they share on the Nook. I saved some $$$ Nook Christmas gift cards, and I'm thinking I'll have my birthday in May to help me, and there's always the library, just in case I get weak. But, here's the deal: what's with buying, or downloading for free, all these books if I'm not going to read them?

There are books I've borrowed from friends and family (that I need to read and return), there's gifts...there's even a handful of books I bought in college, but never got around to reading...wow!

The rules (I mean these are pretty much for myself, unless others want to play along too, and if you do, tell me so I can have someone to talk to in March when I haven't bought a book for three months...sigh...):

  1. I must go to the library and renew my library card. This will include paying off a big fat fine that I've incurred for not returning a CD I borrowed...I will be a grown-up about this...um, finally...and, own a functioning Public library card.
  2. Use the school's library. I mean honestly, I teach at a high school with a pretty modern library thanks to our librarian who buys books that are trending as well as books that are recommended.
  3. I will not purchase any books AT ALL...of course, this may mean I won't go to the bookstore for a whole year, but so be it...I do still have that gift card...hmmm...
  4. While I am shuffling through books I own for reading purposes I will get rid of books that I don't like/will never read by taking them to the used bookstore where, hopefully, I'll receive some store credit!
  5. I have joined several challenges that will help towards this goal. Read all about them here.


  1. Yay! It will be easier than you think, especially if you supplement with library books. And it set a precedent...I spent very little money on books last year as well, even without the challenge. Call me when you start having withdrawals, I'll talk you down :)

    1. HOORAH and thanks! how's your reading going? looking forward to curb my book spending...



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