Friday, January 4, 2013

55 Books in a Year: Book #57 Antigone and #58 The Woman in Black

Two Classic Novels

I read both of the books below for school. We were doing a new unit using Antigone and Persepolis and I read The Woman in Black for to complete the projects for our second independent read.

A Classic Greek Play
  • First heroine in literature
  • Classic display of hubris
Projects used:
Adapted from Novel Units: Antigone Teaching Guide
The Oedipus Story
Persepolis Movie Questions
Irony in Antigone
Foils in Antigone
Antigone Structure-Summary Diagram
Persepolis/Antigone Pardon Essay
Allusions in Antigone

Why I love this book: 
I've always enjoyed the many aspects of this play as they are the first time ever to be seen. I like that when I read it the first time I really thought that Antigone was a strong, proud woman who stood up for her beliefs. I liked that upon reading it again I recognized that both Antigone and Creon could have changed their fates by listening to one another and I realized that while I didn't want to be Ismene, Antigone really isn't someone to emulate. She just seems stubborn and bull-headed. I wasn't really impressed by Haemon either.

A Modern Classic in the Gothic Style
The Woman in Black
  • Includes several popular Gothic elements
  • Classic ghost story
Projects used:
One-Pager and Single Page book

Why I love this book:
I like that I didn't even know that this book was published in the 80s, until I began reading it. I thought it was just a Gothic novel that I didn't know about. The build up to the end of this book was pretty gosh darned awesome. I kept on wondering what was going to happen and well, the ending does not disappoint in the sheer creepiness department.

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  1. Love this post! I am actually teaching Oedipus right now, and will follow up with Antigone. I never thought about pairing Antigone with Persepolis. Hmmm....I love the links to the various activities you have designed for the novel. You should do this more often! ;)



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