Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Midnight at the Oasis...

I have this love-affair with antiques (mostly from the MCM era). My friend had a whole slew of Franciscan Oasis in blue. I wanted it. She was selling. I told Chris. Lo, and behold, it arrived on Christmas. I was ecstatic, I was jubilant! I said, "I can't believe you actually bought me all of the pieces." He said, "I wouldn't have if I didn't think they were cool." Who knew we both have a love for all things mid-century?

Don't mind the mess or the sleeping kid in the background,
it's Christmas day! I'm not sure what my excuse is the other
days of the year...

Round Cereal Bowls - set of 2
Oval Vegetable Bowls - set of 2 
Dinner Plates - set of 4 
Gravy Boat 
Bread Plates - set of 2

I shall spend the rest of my days looking for all of the pieces I don't have. Oh, and we haven't used them yet. I just touch them and look at them in their cabinet.


  1. I love the simplicity of the lines and design! I've been on the lookout for new dishes lately so your new set here caught my eye :)

  2. they're sooo very cool and they have classes to match! i definitely suggest getting an MCM pattern! :D



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