Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 17th, 1991

So, I've been reading my high school journals for a couple of months now. Most of the posts are painfully funny and, in them, I can see the inevitability of becoming the person I am now. While most are too embarrassing to share as they are about boys who are now married with children or about my incredibly shallow thoughts concerning my family/school/homework/sports, I thought I'd share the one below as I am still praying this same prayer only I've added a whole slew of other countries to the list. This was what I was thinking about on a Thursday in January 22 years ago.

10.05 pm 
So, the skirmish did not end. It is now an all out war. We are at war with Iraq. I didn’t want ‘Desert Shield’, and now it's turned into ‘Desert Storm’. I hope it’s over with quick and soon and I pray to God more than ever that it is a little if any blood is shed from both sides because we have to remember that the Iraqi’s are people too. God keep America safe and make the war short. 
Student Council tied yellow ribbons around trees. Uncle Stan is in Kuwait. It’s weird coming home and watching the war on TV.

So, this song came out about a month after my journal entry.
I still own it...on cassette single.

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