Sunday, January 20, 2013

30 Days of Truth: Something You Hope to Do in Life

I found this meme here and here.

Five: Something You Hope to Do in Life

So, seriously, I want to live in London, England. I want to live in London, England until I am sick of being there (which will be NEVER).

Here's how that dream used to look:

Stephanie goes to London. She works in a pub (the easiest place to get a job when you are not from, say, um, England). She lives in a studio flat in the top floor of a building in Northern London. She goes to museums, she eats jacket potatoes, she spends her days off in Hyde Park. She has British friends. She is happy.

After going to school there:

Stephanie goes to London. She is a tour guide (after two years of training). In her spare time she reads books and visit museums and writes. She drinks lots of wine. She faces herself Bridget Jones. She lives in a studio flat with her cat. She drinks lots of tea.


Stephanie teaches English in a teach abroad program or as a second language. She lives in a one bedroom flat. She goes to concerts and shows and parties. She visits The States for two weeks every summer.

Latest incarnation:

Stephanie's husband and kiddo go with her to London. They spend summers there...whole summers, well at least Stephanie and the kiddo do, husband has to go back to The States to work. That is until he gets a job in London doing what he does, Stephanie teaches and the kiddo wears a uniform to school. We go to the park every Saturday, we play around the Peter Pan statue. We go to museums and eat in Harrod's and go to the Tower and talk to the birds. We go to Portobello Road and Camden and Covent Garden. We watch lots of shows. Family and friends come to visit.

Too bad, the husband's dream is to live in Australia--the last frontier.

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