Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Songs...

Lila Jane was born on the 16th, her cousin a few days earlier and my sister was born on Halloween...I have no choice, but to like all things Autumn/Fall and Halloween. Frankly, I can't think of a holiday that I don't like...anyway, to get in the swing of things (after all I have a birthday party to plan...although I hear the 2nd is as easy as 1st) I'm thinking the guest (who will be mostly adult) need a party favor of delicious Halloween music. Here's my list:

1] Thriller...Michael Jackson
I'm guessing if you make a Halloween CD and don't include this you are committing some sort of sin.
2] Monster Mash...Bobby "Boris" Pickett
You can check out my deep love for this song here.
3] Nightmare on My Street...DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
I know all the words...I love to sing them to my students.
4] The Time Warp...Rocky Horror Picture Show
The only dancing I can do is dancing that has directions built into the song.
5] This is Halloween...The Nightmare Before Christmas
If you follow this blog at all, you know that I'm not the only one who knows this song by heart.
6] Zombie...The Cranberries
I think this is supposed to be some anti-war song, but on Halloween...
7] Last Dance with Mary Jane...Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
This song is creepy, but the video is even creepier...nothing says Halloween more...really...
8] Ghostbusters...Ray Parker Jr.
Please see the explanation for #1 and #3
9] Somebody's Watching Me...Rockwell
Creepers creeping and the video fills me with delight...I'm sure at one time it
10] Werewolves of London...Warren Zevon
This song reminds me of my high school journalism teacher and of Halloween.
11] The Devil Went Down to Georgia...The Charlie Daniels Band
One of the best songs of its genre, so fun to sing and to dance to...ish.
12] Theme from The X-Files...X-Files: Fight the Future
I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't include the theme to my favorite SF show.
13] The Purple People Eater...Sheb Wooley
This song is actually scary than it sounds...listen to the words sometime and then run for cover.
14] Possum Kingdom...The Toadies
Vampires and those that love them...reminds me of Halloween during college...sigh.
15] John Wayne Gacy Jr...Sufjan Stevens
Even if you only listen to this once...go now, listen to the most disturbing ode to a serial killer...ever.
16] Don't Fear the Reaper...Blue Oyster Cult
Sure, SNL made this song funny, "More cowbell"'s still good for Halloween.
17] Witchy Woman...The Eagles
Anytime I ask the students to come up with a song to describe Abigail Williams this is what they pick.
18] Halloween...Sonic Youth
If you were in college in the 90s and this wasn't played at any Halloween parties, well...
19] Hell...Squirrel Nut Zippers
I love to sing this song, I love the music...I love that my mother doesn't really like it...hahaha.
20] I'm a Goner...Matt and Kim, Soulja Boy and Andrew WK
New to me...Matt and Kim are new to me...I enjoy it.

I might add Black Magic Woman (another Abigail song)...if there's room, but, what do you think?

And, just incase you were wondering I make CD list and CD compilations all of the time...I miss the mix tape and, if you are interested, I have a lovely little boy compilation (my friend was having her first child...boy, he needed a commerative CD) and I also have a lovely girl compilation that I gave out to the guest at one of my showers.

Have a listen of the Top 100 Songs of Halloween.
A great indie list of songs I mostly have never heard before.

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