Friday, October 28, 2011

13 Halloween Questions

Who doesn't enjoy a
lovely vintage postcard?
So, my sister was born on Halloween and I've spent most of my life thinking of Halloween as being a time of crazy celebration...I mean ice cream, cake and candy...what more could someone ask for?

I found the questions below at So Many Books and thought they'd be fun to answer.

  • Which urban legend ghost scared the bejeesuz out of you when you were a kid?
    Well, the one about the boy who collects moths and butterflies and he enjoys putting them in the jars and killing them and one night these moths and butterflies come and get him and drag him across the swamp and in the end he is pinned to a tree deep in the forest. I think our librarian read it from Tales From the Midnight Hour.
  • Which horror movie has the best premise?
    Gothika "Ghost story in which a repressed female psychiatrist wakes up as a patient in the very asylum where she worked with no memory of why she is there and what she has done."...There's something so scary about deserted psych wards full of ghosts.
  • What is the most disappointing “treat” to receive in your bag on Halloween night?
    Well, anything that wasn't professionally wrapped because we had to wait for Mom to expect it and more often than not we weren't allowed to eat it...
  • What’s the best non-candy item to receive?
    Stickers, I am, and will always be a sucker for stickers.
  • Did a monster live in your closet when you were a child?
    Nah, I was never really scared of monsters. Of course, it probably helped that the closet door was always opened and its light was always on.
  • Which supernatural creature sent chills up your spine when you were ten and still does?
    Zombies. They are not cool undead, like vampires and they spend their whole existence trying to find you and attack you so you turn into a zombie or even worse they try to eat your brains out and the only thing that stops them is the daylight...zombies are frightening and real.
  • Which supernatural creature makes you yawn?
    Vampires, they're a little overdone now and it seems that they don't really want to suck your blood, they just want to suck face and be mopey. Thanks for ruining a really scary creature there, Stephenie Meyer, with your sparkly, moody vamps.
  • What’s your favorite Halloween decoration?
    Any really, I love that people are decorating their houses in the same manner that they would for Christmas...I love scarecrows and pumpkins and purple lights...sigh...
  • If you could be anywhere on Halloween night, where would you be?
    I always enjoy going out on Halloween, not to dress up in costume, but to see others dressed up in costume...pretty cool, well except for the Borat wrestling costumes...not cool at all.
  • What’s the scariest book you’ve read so far this year?
    Um, I don't really like to read things that scare me. I have a tendency to read something so very fast if I read something scary. The closest I've gotten to scary is Horns, but then...not so scary really.
  • Haunted houses or haunted hayrides?
    Haunted houses scare the crap out of me...seriously, I've only been to one and one is enough.
  • Which Stephen King novel/movie would you least like to find yourself trapped in?
    Pet Sematary. I would not want to be killed by my undead toddler. Sometimes I hear "No Daddy, no" in my head for no reason at all. Killer children are evil and scary. They rank right up there with killer dolls. Gahhhh! I'm going to have nightmares just thinking about them.
  • Which is creepiest: evil dolls, evil pets, evil children?
    Evil children, first *insert cold chill* and then evil dolls...all dolls, especially those porcelain ones with the heads that can spin and have smiles that never reach their cold, dead eyes...and then pets.
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