Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday Five: Unrelated (oops!)

I love doing surveys and questionnaires. I love reading peoples answers to surveys and questionnaires. They are a weakness of mine, and in looking for topics for my blog to make it easier for me to post everyday once school started...I found this. So, Fridays we're taking a break from talking about reading and books and words to answer silly surveys and questionnaires. Feel free to post your answers below, on your own blog, or both!!! Ideas from

    1. What’s your favorite kind of cracker?
    2. What part of your residence gets the best natural lighting?
    3. What song have you frequently listened to lately?
    4. What could you use a little break from?
    5. What’s going on in your town this weekend?
1.  Townhouse
2.  The tiny tots room, mostly because it has curtains that let in princess light
3.  Well...the James Bond soundtrack is stuck in the CD player in my first this was cool...but, now it is apparent that the radio only plays sucky songs (and the kiddo has thieved my iPod, she likes "The Mad Men" Volume I soundtrack --what can I say?, I believe it is under the couch...dead) and I'm stuck with, well..."You Only Live Twice, they say.." please sing along if you can...
4.  um, I don't know...lesson plan writing? this cough that won't leave me?
5.  Well, I'm sure the some of the children will be doing inappropriate things at all hours of the night...other than that... nothing else...why don't you see for yourself...besides we've just dug ourselves out from under one thousand feet of snow!

Sidenote: My days are mixed up because of the snow, I answered this like Thursday night and didn't post it. I suck!!!


  1. I was going to tell you how to fix the Nordic Challenge button, but it looks like you figured it out! :)

  2. Yes, yes...I didn't realize I didn't add the link, until I was fiddling around with it wondering what I did wrong :P



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