Friday, February 18, 2011

The Friday Five: Late Nights

I love doing surveys and questionnaires. I love reading peoples answers to surveys and questionnaires. They are a weakness of mine, and in looking for topics for my blog to make it easier for me to post everyday once school started...I found this. So, Fridays we're taking a break from talking about reading and books and words to answer silly surveys and questionnaires. Feel free to post your answers below, on your own blog, or both!!! Ideas from

Late Nights
  1. What’s the best thing about being awake when the rest of the world seems to be sleeping?
  2. Where can you go when you get a case of the late-night munchies?
  3. What open-all-night establishment has saved you from catastrophe, and what were the circumstances?
  4. What’s the worst thing about being awake when the rest of the world seems to be sleeping?
  5. When you are up all night at home for whatever reason, what’s most likely to be on the television to keep you company?
  1. Getting to hang out with myself/blog/watch whatever I want to watch/read a book...all of the above...
  2. Well, while we live about 4 miles out of town, there is a gas station right across the highway. It closed for a little bit, but is now back in business...grape soda here I come!
  3. In college, Kinko's was my best friend, I remember going there LATE night to finish up presentations and to print work for my classes
  4. Um, having to watch the TV really low, or watching shows on Hulu with head-phones
  5. Psych, X-Files, PBS

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