Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day Five

Day Five: A song that reminds you of someone
            There are many songs that remind me of people. Actually, I have a soundtrack to my life, I have whole entire playlists in my head for people, places, events, whole seasons. These, however, are private and personal playlist that I'm sure would offend some or are too close to the heart to share.
            So, growing up my mother had hundreds of records and we played a lot of records. There were many nights that the TV wouldn't be on and we'd just be listening to our favorite records dancing on this purple and blue afghan she made, like we were Solid Gold dancers (if you don't know what a Solid Gold dancer is and you've got 9 minutes watch this) minus the spandex because we'd be in our nightgowns instead. Our favorite records included Del Shannon, The Beach Boys and this one called Dick Clark's New 20 Years of Rock n Roll and our favorite song on this record (if one can pick a favorite from such an awesome record) was Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando and Dawn. I mean what little kid wouldn't love this song, it has actions "knock three times on the ceiling if you want me (which for us meant the floor), twice on the pipes (banging on something metal) if the answer is no". We'd listen to it over and over and over. I mean there are some of you out there who remember how you used to be able to program records to replay songs, right? It would play the song and then there'd be that long pause as the arm of the needle moved back to the beginning, the bump, bump of the space in between songs and then more Tony Orlando. We'd jump around so much that the record would skip and Mom would worry we'd break the needle...we didn't care.
          And, who'd be doing all this craziness with us...our mother, of course. Banging spoons on metal pots, dancing on the couch, sliding on the afghan on the tiled floor, banging on the walls and the dining room table and stomping in her shoes right along with us. Heck, she's the one who gave us the idea! She taught us all the words...or at least made sure we didn't sing the wrong words and she taught us to love music. This song will always remind me of her and of my sisters and those times we spent listening to records in our apartment.

Feel free to join in by commenting below (I really do love comments, on fb or here), or doing this challenge on your own blog.

The 30 Day Song Challenge
Day 01 – Your favorite song
Day 02 -- Your least favorite song
Day 03 -- A song that makes you happy
Day 04 -- A song that makes you sad
Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone
Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere
Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event
Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to
Day 09 – A song that you can dance to
Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep
Day 11 – A song from your favorite band
Day 12 – A song from a band you hate
Day 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasure
Day 14 – A song that no one would expect you to love
Day 15 – A song that describes you
Day 16 – A song that you used to love but now hate
Day 17 – A song that you hear often on the radio
Day 18 – A song that you wish you heard on the radio
Day 19 – A song from your favorite album
Day 20 – A song that you listen to when you’re angry
Day 21 – A song that you listen to when you’re happy
Day 22 – A song that you listen to when you’re sad
Day 23 – A song that you want to play at your wedding
Day 24 – A song that you want to play at your funeral
Day 25 – A song that makes you laugh
Day 26 – A song that you can play on an instrument
Day 27 – A song that you wish you could play
Day 28 – A song that makes you feel guilty
Day 29 – A song from your childhood
Day 30 – Your favorite song at this time last year


  1. Umm...Stephanie. The title says you're on Day 5, but the header says Day 4. Eh?

  2. Ahhh, that was the sweetest stroy, gave me a warm fuzzy all over!

  3. Big Band Glen Miller-My Dad
    Jazz-My Mom (the lady off that's my Momma can't think of her name, she sang the first time I heard her and I cried)
    Barry Manilow Time in New England-Debbie
    Hank Jr.-Gary



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