Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Varmint

Feeding and taking care of pets when you have a toddler, is a pain in the tootie. Lila wants us to get a horse and a squirrel and a dog or two or five. She wants to own anything furry.

We have three outside cats. These are cats that I had before we got married and they are now older and pretty low maintenance and boys, and, well, they live outside, so they're pretty rough and tumble and will let you pet them and such, but pretty much leave us alone. They are cats that act like cats.

Last summer my friend was giving away a litter of kitties. We took one. She lives in the house. She is sweet and kind and gentle, and under foot at all times. Not like a cat at all--at least any cat I've previously had, and Chris agrees. For every instance that we get annoyed with her, Lila finds something to love about her.

Hester hiding underneath a princess pillow
And, while, I find this new addition to our home a bit irritating (I change the litter box, I feed the cat...I'm sure I'll be the one to take her to the vet and pay to get her fixed this summer), I get what a friend of ours says, "That cat is the most gentle cat." He was looking at Lila caring the cat around by the neck and tail. The cat wasn't fussing or clawing or scratching at all. Frankly, that cat (you can read more about her here and here) is a very sweet kitty. Our friend gently pulled the cat from Lila's clutches. "Feel how fast her heart is beating and she didn't even try to get free. You have to keep her."

Yes, we have to keep this cat that doesn't act like a cat at all, our tiny tot just adores her.


  1. We have four four-legged children at our house, including two cats with very distinct personalities. Sometimes I wonder if they are more trouble than they are worth, but in truth, I know I couldn't live without them.

  2. Hi Stephanie. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have had cats at one time or another my whole life, both indoor and outdoor, and they certainly have their own personalities. I don't have one now, but am getting one again soon. Sounds like Lila has found a little buddy! :)

  3. I sweat the kitten looks like a pet rat. I guess she'll grow into her ears. hehe. Blog on!



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