Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for in we love ourselves some music!

My friend Becky, the same one who had the idea for the topic for my A to Z, had a wonderful topic for the letter 'M', however, I already had an 'M'...I've moved it to 'S'. Here's what she said would be a good topic:
"Music you really have liked throughout the last 15 years and ones you think you would want to share with Lila. Everytime I listen to my U2 I think of you. Maybe you could share a few songs that happened during certain times in your life and what challenges you overcame at that time, or what the song meant to you...Or your first song you and Chris both liked, as well as Lila's first song."
And, here are my thoughts...

I can chart my life by music. I didn't realize how nostalgic this made me until I got old enough to have life moments worth remembering. Benny Goodman, Cliff Richards and "The Grease" soundtrack remind of weekends at my grandparents house. "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac reminds me of the moment I realized I loved this boy in high school; that song also reminds me of the huge fight we had that damaged our friendship. If I want to remember significant high school moments I just pop in the "Boomerang" soundtrack or listen to a little NKOTB or Ace of Base. Yesterday I was just talking about slow dancing to "November Rain". I can chart every moment of my college career by song; DC Talk and Jars of Clay, "The Reality Bites" soundtrack, Oasis, Tim McGraw, "Dare to Care" concerts and Mazzy Starr. I remember sitting in the living room of a house I shared with friends talking and listening to Sheryl Crow's, "If It Makes You Happy"...I remember this moment like it was cat Winnie is at my feet and the smell of a cake we just baked is wafting from the blue walled kitchen. I knew that Chris and I would get along just fine when we spent a night listening to music and talking about our memories we pretty much went through our own personal catalogs of music and events. I knew that our relationship was perfect, when we bought tickets for the opening U2 show in Chicago.

The thing is I think that every single moment of life is wonderful and marvelous. I think that they should not be forgotten.

It just makes sense that I would chart our lives with Lila in the same manner. For my personal baby-shower I made the following compilation for each guest. I wanted a list of songs that I enjoyed that were all about raising and loving little girls. We also had U2's "Vertigo Tour" DVD playing in the background.

Baby Girl CD

Sugar, Sugar The Archies                      
Gracie Ben Folds Five                 
She's Gotta Way Billy Joel                             
Where You Lead I Will Follow Carole King and Louise Gaffin                   
Never Grow Old The Cranberries                              
It Won't Be Like This for Long  Darius Rucker                  
Sweet Child O' Mine Guns and Roses                              
Amazing Janelle                
Intelligentactile 101 Jesca Hoop                       
Little Miss Magic Jimmy Buffet                   
There Goes My Life Kenny Chesney                              
Time of Your Life Little Steven                     
In My Daughter's Eyes Martina McBride                            
Seven Years Norah Jones                     
Songbird Oasis                   
Little Wonders Rob Thomas                     
Pretty Dress Rosie Thomas                  
My Little Girl Tim McGraw                    
Original of the Species U2                        
My Darling Wilco     

The other day I came home from being away for the whole weekend, Chris and Lila were just vegging on the couch watching the waving PS3 screensaver listening to Pink Floyd. One time in the not to distant past, Chris came home and we were watching the videos and dancing around to:

"Dog Days" by Florence + the Machine

"1, 2, 3, 4" by Fiest

For the most part, however, on her own Lila has pretty chees-tastic taste...I can only assume that all 2 year-olds are like this and would prefer:

Elmo and India Arie singing the ABCs

"10 Little Numbers"...and, if you sing it "10 Little Indians" she will freak!

Chris and I are both lovers of music and from an early age we have instilled that love into our daughter.
At 7-months she would hum along to:

"From Where I'm Standing" by Schulyer Fisk in the movie I Am Reed Fish

Music she likes and will seek out
Pop music, every kid goes through this phase and I can jam out to Justin Bieber, "High School Musical" and Selena Gomez right along with her..."I love you like a love song, baby"...try getting that out of your head.
The first song she every sang the words to was:

"Rhythm of Love" by The Plain White Ts...we just call this the Ba-Ba Song

The thing is our musical taste have seeped into her everyday thoughts. I know that my kiddo will have no choice but to like U2 and Coldplay and Michael Jackson, just as I know that I have no choice about liking Elvis and Abba and Michael Jackson. This is the kind of music that I grew up with and I have wonderful memories associated with every song. I hope that when Lila Jane turns 35 she can say the same.

For more about my life in music, check out my 30 Day Song Challenge.

"Music & Me"
Michael Jackson

We've been together for such a long time now
Music, music and me
Don't care whether all our songs rhyme
Now music, music and me

Only know wherever I go
We're as close as two friends can be
There have been others
But never two lovers
Like music, music and me

Grab a song and come along
You can sing your melody
In your mind you will find
A world of sweet harmony

Birds of a feather we'll fly together
Now music, music and me
Music and me


  1. Wow, amazing take on "S". Love that you included the music your wee one likes as well. You just got a new follower!! Happy T-Z blogging!!!!
    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

  2. Great post! Love the idea of making a CD for a baby shower. Your little girl is so precious... and has excellent taste! (I love Elmo too! lol) Love Schuyler Fisk. Her song Hello is one of my favorites! Enjoy the rest of the A to Z! :)

  3. I love this post! Music is very important to my family as well. My husband and I started with some very different tastes, but have found a lot of middle ground now. When we get in the car, Max tells me he wants to listen to his music (kid songs) or rock n' roll. I made a cd for my son when he was little, with Ben Folds, Brian Setzer, TMBG, and others. In short, this post is making me smile and reminisce and want to break out my U2 today!

  4. Great post---I was just thinking about Mazzy Star a few days ago. I LOVED that CD--thanks for sharing your music/life journey with us. I could and should do the same. :)

  5. Wowsers! If there's an award for most carefully written and thoughtful post, this should win. Stephanie, you have a warm and wonderful writing style and it's abundantly clear you love your daughter and your husband and the music in your life. What's more, your enthusiasm is contagious. So lovely - all of it.

  6. Yes, songs can bring up many memories and emotions...thanks for the post! Aren't best friends great? Your little girl is are blessed!



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