Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kindie

Kindie: Kid-friendly Indie Rock

From Wikipedia:
Kindie rock is a style of children's music that "melds the sensibility of the singer-songwriter with themes aimed at kids under 10." Many popular kindie rock artists first gained fame as adult performers: these include Dan Zanes and They Might Be Giants. Other well-known kindie rock artists started directly in the genre, or did not achieve commercial success until moving in that direction: such artists include Laurie Berkner, Recess Monkey, and Tim and the Space Cadets. Children's music veterans, Greg & Steve and Bobby Susser introduced various forms of kindie rock to the school supply industry in the mid 70s, and continue to do so, within their repertoire. Cornering the market on kid-hop by blending hip-hop rhymes with imaginative storytelling is Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.
One time while I was pregnant I was rummaging through Barnes and Nobles kid music section. I understand and appreciate all that rock music set to lullabies and I get Kidz Bop and enjoy Raffi and Steve Songs.  I was looking for music that I would enjoy and that wasn't sooooooooo you know kid (annoying)-centric. Thumbing through the music, I found our favorite family band The Jimmies and I learned all about Kindie by going to their website and then Googling the term. Of course, being the music lover I am I became addicted, ergo Lila became addicted. We enjoy Mother Goose songs and all of that, but Kindie rock ensures that both parents and children are having a good time.

We enjoy:
They Might Be Giants
Greg and Steve
Medeski, Martin and Wood
The Not-Its

The Jimmies are our favoritest in the whole wide world!

Parents! Are You Ready for Kindie Rock? Time Magazine article

What can I say we're trend-setting Midwestern parents!?

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  1. I grew up listening to They Might Be Giants, and was really excited that there was a fresh way to introduce my kids to them. I'll have to check out The Jimmies further.



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