Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for O.S.C.A.R. and other processed foods we eat at our house

A Masterpiece
Ok, so, um...Lila will eat anything...all sorts of fruits and vegetables (even Brussel Sprouts), so we can eat healthy easy at our house, and we do often, really. We have our fair share of strawberries and bananas and celery and delicious grains.

However, *enter dark cloud* we don't always want to eat healthy...sometimes *thunder and lightening* we like to eat like, well, like I did growing up. We love the processed food...McNuggets and Mickie D's pies and Spam and Chef Boyardi's Ravioli and Spagettios and fruit snacks and potted meat and Little Debbie's and Cheetos and cheese puffs and Pop Tarts and French toast sticks and sausage and pancake dogs and hot dogs and corn dogs and Deviled Ham and Vienna sausages and Cap'n Crunch and Fruit Loops and Velveeta and bologna. We deep fry those burritos you can get in packages of 10. Yes, we deep fry them. We love prepackaged foods...pickles and sandwiches from gas stations or vending machines. We love ketchup and mayo and brown gravy from a package and Cool whip and cheese sauce. We love food products. We especially like our food products to come in a can. We think it's cool when they can be squeezed out of a tube. We love those little pot pies that you can get in your grocers freezer for $.49. We like to eat most of this with white bread and we like to chase all of this down with a large glass of kool-aide or chocolate milk, the fat kind.

Hey, it's OK, don't worry about us, we always have our processed food with a side of broccoli... sometimes we hold the cheese.

Chef and restaurateur, Alain Ducasse, said in Time magazine, "...I think we can understand a society better once we have tasted its popular food. I enjoy hot dogs. They're an exceptional kind of street food." I feel somehow vindicated. Just so you know, all of this talk is making me hungry and nostalgic for a time when eating all of these kinds of food didn't matter. I think that the world was happier then.


  1. What fun post. You're little girl is adorable. Visiting from the A-Z challenge.

  2. I'm there with you. Maybe not about all the items you posted, but my kids love Pop Tarts, and call McDonald's "the yummy food place." I love a well cooked meal with fresh ingredients, but every now and then I want to eat microwaveable White Castle cheeseburgers.



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