Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years

I think of New Year's Resolutions in the same way that I think of Book Challenges. You know I do them to make myself try harder, but don't get too messed up if I don't meet them. I need something to help me focus this year. I find that when I'm feeling a wee bit lost it's great to put things in perspective by creating a list or two or five, and deep down isn't that what resolutions are...a great delicious list that drives you and pushes you to be the best you. all. year. long.

And, then I found this GREAT blog link...Making Goals or Resolutions 2014

Let's break it down...

IGNORE EVERYONE EXCEPT THE STUDENTS I love teaching. I think it's my most favorite thing to do, it's a hobby, it's a pasttime, it's my career...when I begin to listen to other people it becomes my life. I don't like that. My life is what I get to do because I teach. I get to hang out with my kid. I get to hang out with my friends. I get to watch stupid movies with my husband. I'm going to make sure that I do more of that by ignoring everyone else. 

DO WHAT I WANT I read a lot and I think a lot and I do a lot...I do more for other people than I do myself, the favor is not returned. So, doing what I want means focusing on the me in the classroom. I know what my teaching philosophy is, I know what I want to accomplish with my students and I know what I want I'm gonna do it.

HANG OUT WITH MY KID MORE I hear that there are mothers out there who hang out with their kids in the park, at the movies, shopping and eating...and sure the kiddo and I do all of these things in spades, but honestly we could do more. I think this means limiting my computer time to...actually, I don't know to, definitely in the mornings, when she's asleep, late at night, er, watching less TV, talking more, playing games more...maybe even going outside.

SERIOUSLY WHO HAS THIS MANY THINGS THEY NEED TO HAVE GOALS ABOUT...ER... Find something that I can do that will get me more in shape and a wee bit healthier. No friends this does not mean I want to go to the gym with you, get a membership at the Civic Center or eat Paleo (Matt, I have seen your pizza!...although that bread was pretty darned tasty). It just means that I need to have a wee bit of self-control and a little bit more movement. Of course, I'm typing this as I'm watching my own "Chuck" marathon, surrounded by all my cats. To my credit, the wind chill is like 40 million below so it isn't like I'm running anywhere or doing anything right now.

CAN IT BE A PLACE I'VE ALREADY VISITED? Ok, so now we're at the nitty gritty. I also have a hard time with resolutions because I pretty much go where I want, do what I want and feel pretty resolved most of the time, like seriously 95% of the time, it'd be 98% if I could just find a way to like being a responsible adult. I don't, so I don't do it and I don't feel guilty about my lack of [fill in the blank]. Oh, so back to filling this one, I'd really like to go to Prince Edward Island, I've wanted to go there since I watched (yes, watched not read) Anne of Green Gables, but alas, I always end up going somewhere else.

I EAT ALL THE FOODS Except for foods I don't want to eat...

I'D LIKE TO PLAY THE PIANO, ACTUALLY SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE... Um, for real...maybe I'll make time to do one or both of these things this year.

SODA Dear Soft Drinks, You are so bad for me...I love you Mtn. Dew and while I've had only about 6 since May, I'd like to get rid of all soda...yes, I think this would be a good idea.

TAKE MORE BATHS I miss them. I used to take baths all of the time. I love them.

ANY ONE OF THOSE FIRST FIVE would be just awesome...really.

Gee willikers! I can now see why I don't do this resolution thing...that was wayyyyy hard!
What about you? What are your new year goals?


  1. I like these goals. I need to try this

  2. Very ambitious! But it sounds like you're already partway there with a lot of them!



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