Wednesday, January 22, 2014

50 Books in a Year #3: The Lost Souls Companion

Ok, so the full title of this book is The Lost Soul Companion: Comfort and Constructive Advice for
Struggling Actors, Musicians, Artists, Writers, and Other Free Spirits and I received it for free from a lovely friend who was moving and needed to down-size.  She actually gave me a whole pile of books, but this is the only she said anything about as the author is from Bloomington, a town where she used to live and a place I'd been to visit with her.

At first, I wasn't really sure about this book as its chapters are filled with drawings and words that propel each point along and I didn't know if I should take it seriously and then there were times that the book got way too serious talking about suicide and anti-depressants for those who struggle with the day to day task of living.

And, then I found the part of the book that spoke to me directly:

1] You only have enemies if you allow yourself to have them.
2] Spreading positive energy around take effort, but the effort is worthwhile.
3] Have good movies to uplift you.
4] The best part of travelling is coming 'home'. You always return a little bit changed--a little bit more than you were before you left.
5] The Bad Day Box...just the idea that there is a box to help you get over bad days is such a pleasant idea.

While I can honestly say that I would never have picked this book on my own, I am glad that I read it, as some of the quirky advice spoke straight to my little lost soul.

This is an autographed copy and the inscription reads: "May you find inspiration in these pages." I suppose, without meaning to, I did.

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